Kim Kardashian Is Now 'Jealous' of Baby North West Because She's Getting All Kanye's Attention

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newborn toeOh my GAWWWWWDDDDD! Can't Kim Kardashian enjoy the first weeks at home with her new baby girl before people start calling her a bad mother?!?

Ugh. A new rumor that's floating around about her is making me sick. Wait 'til you hear this one -- apparently Kim is jealous of baby North West because of all the attention Kanye West is giving her. (Seriously?)

You know, because he's being a doting dad and can't get enough of his precious little daughter, which is supposedly making Kim all bent out of shape because she doesn't like sharing him.

Um, is this about the most ridiculous and hateful thing you've ever heard said about Kim or what? She's only been a mom for a week, and already there are some folks assuming she's sitting on the couch crying and whining over Kanye giving their baby too much love and adoration -- which is just nonsense.

Any mom will tell you that there's nothing more heartwarming than seeing their baby's father fuss all over their child, so why on earth would Kanye being a good dad make her jealous, of all things? If anything, seeing how much Kanye loves North will only make Kim more enamored with being a mother -- and with the fact that her baby daddy is someone who is going to put his child first and be right by her side at all times.

Ugh. I know she's probably more emotional than usual right now, but I honestly hope Kim isn't letting nasty rumors like this get to her and steal away any of her new baby joy. 

But sadly, something tells me this is only the beginning of a whole host of jabs about Kim's parenting. If people are already stooping so low as to spread rumors about her being jealous of her own kid, odds are good the insults and cheap shots are only going to escalate from here on out.

Do you believe for one second that Kim is jealous of North?


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doodledo doodledo

I would say Kim is most likely a narcissist, so yes she will likely be jealous of North for her whole life. Hopefully the child will get a mentally healthy nanny or two, to compensate for her self absorbed mother.

(and father!)

nonmember avatar Hope

I agree with your comment "there's nothing more heartwarming than seeing their baby's father fuss all over their child,". They need to be left alone. This is a very special time for them and they deserve privacy.

nonmember avatar Girl

I only read the title but it would not surprise me if this was true. Who knows if it is but it would definitely not be surprising.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Katherine Helmond to Goldie Hawn in Overboard: "Darling, if you HAVE a baby, you won't BE the baby anymore." For most mothers, that's just fine, but Kim IS a spoiled baby and someone should have told her that.


People making up crap again, like she's going to announce that she is jealous of her baby because of something so trivial.


Eleph... ElephantShoes12

While I agree that she is a bit narcissistic,  I don't believe she is going to be a bad mom at all.  I think she will great!  I am not necessarily a huge Kardashian fan, but I certainly don't dislike them.  Kanye West seems like a complete douche, but we don't know how he is with Kim or North in private.  We only know what we "see and hear" from the media.  And I think we should take all of it with a grain of salt and let them just enjoy their baby.

nonmember avatar kate

Snooki was jealous of her boyfriend giving her son too much attention and ignoring her. It was on her show.

Antoinette VBarrera

its a girlWhy, can't everybody just be happy, that's the whole point of life is to be happy, Kim, will always be in the News because she is KIM, but, at least do truthful stories not these silly nonsense stories, those sisters have it together or they wouldn't be so wealthy and blessed, there doing something right, there mom is a go getter and that's better than doing nothing at all, in this world there happy leave them be. Love the Kardashian Family love watching tha show. No judgement here, just intersting seeing how they live. 

Susan Traub

She is upset cuz she named the child such a stupid name. I would cry too.

Amanda Edwards

I gave birth to my son 4 days ago, and I just happened to see an episode of KUWTK while flipping through the channels in the hospital. From what I saw, Kim Kardashian was very concerned about her daughter, and very happy that Kanye was concerned about both of them. (This was the episode where she had appendicitus and was worried about how it would affect her pregnancy). I seriously do not think she is a bad mother, and I don't think she's going to be so worried about Kanye giving their daughter all of his attention. If anything, she's probably grateful to have the down time.

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