Breastfed Babies Are More Popular Later on in Life

babyBecause there aren't enough things out there to make moms feel guilty about, I've got something special for you today. A new study shows that breastfed babies aren't just smarter, they're more popular, too. That's right, there actually is a study that claims breastfed babies are cooler.

The study, which actually doesn't use the word "cooler", says that babies who are breastfed may achieve higher social status. The authors of the study feel that, perhaps, the benefits shown by the breastfed babies in cognitive and intellectual development may have helped them climb the social ladder, being that they may have adapted more easily to new situations and challenges. The results were most noticeable, apparently, in babies who were breastfed more than four weeks. (Yay! My daughter's going to be head cheerleader!)

Now. Let's all take a moment to let this study really sink in. Scientists are saying that, in a super roundabout way, being breastfed will make you popular. A) Is this a goal of most parents? Don't we want our kids to be happy and healthy, as opposed to having a "high social status"? and B) I think there are probably a lot of other issues that go into raising highly adaptable kids -- AKA mini social climbers.

By no means do I think women who breastfeed their babies are "better" moms. Not for a minute. My nursing experience wasn't what I thought it would be at all. But I think maybe what this -- and many other studies -- aren't taking into account is the fact that moms who breastfeed are typically the moms who do what is "recommended." I'm sure these moms also feed their kids nutritious food, talk to them, and provide them with enriching stimulation. All factors which can contribute to junior being captain of the football team. All things that loving, nurturing formula feeders, who are committed to raising happy, healthy kids, do too.

What do you think of this study?


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Omgit... Omgitsbrittt

Guess I'm raising a nerd then. Who pays for these studies anyways?!?

nonmember avatar blue

"The researchers used the children’s fathers’ income and job to determine the youngsters’ initial social status when they were about 10 to 11 years old and compared this with their social status decades later, when they reached age 33 or 34." Gee, ya think it has MORE to do with their social status earlier in life? Like, having all their needs met, both parents around, a higher paying income, etc? This study is a load of crap..

Melis... Melissa1508

Well, I guess that's why I was unpopular in high school.  ......(sarcasm)  What a load of horse crap. 

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Agree load of crap my brother and I were both breast fed and neither of us was ever popular.

LadyM... LadyMinni

Bull shit! I'd call bull shit if this were about formula, yak's milk, or any other edible. What you eat doesn't make you popular. Can they waste money on something less stupid please?

Nima Aghdami

Dumbest blog ever.  Do you even know anything?


Stupid. I was breastfed and I was never "popular". Whatevs The Stir.

Idrea... Idreamofwires

I was breast fed, and both my children were as well.  So far, all of us are complete social misfits.  This study doesn't apply to those with a dominent introversion gene I guess.  I wish I knew why so many in the media assume that happiness must equal popularity, when popularity is so over rated.

Simon... SimonzKedge

So there is finally a downside to BFing? Ew, I wouldn't want my kids to be in the popular clique....

hopef... hopefulmommieLW

This was a waste of my time. Complete nonsense!

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