10 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names of the Last 4 Years

nameKim Kardashian and Kanye West are dealing with a whole lot of hate right now for deciding to torture name their new baby girl North West. As baby names go, it certainly falls in "Mommy better be saving for my therapy" territory. But to be fair to Kimye, they're not exactly breaking celebrity ground here. Giving your kid a crazy name is practically a rite of passage in Hollywood.

So how did Kim and Kanye do? On a scale from one to bananas? Take a look at the truly nutty names celebs have come up with lately.

From Blue Ivy to Buddy Bear, celebrities seem to pick from a different name book!

Which name is your "favorite"? Would you use any of the names on this list?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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Rosas... RosasMummy

What about posh & becks calling their daughter 'Harper Seven'

nonmember avatar hey

I'm pretty sure that Shakespeare named one of his female characters Hero in Much Ado About Nothing. Not saying that's where they got it, but if it was good enough for the Bard...


Why in the world did Uma Thurman give her baby seven names? I get the hyphenated last name becaue I have one. Which makes me officially have four names. But seriously seven. Thats just cruel.

Pixie030 Pixie030

After my oldest son started prek this past year I had felt a little bad for him having to write Sebastian on all his papers everyday..and the days his teacher would send home 7-9 papers with a line down the middle of them for him to practice writing his name all weekend.. was really a little over kill.. he did have probably the longest one in his class but certainly not the hardest to pronounce. A couple times when he would tell me who had done what in his class I had to go and ask his teacher the next day if he was saying the names right, cause I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say. lol.. And as far as celebrities naming their kids off things.. I thought Apple was just weird..

nymom13 nymom13

Wow! Talk about names for a bully to make fun of at school. I feel bad for these kids that their parents couldn't come up with real names for them that aren't crazy.

jakp328 jakp328

I have a cousin banded rainbo, and I like the name Monroe. Hubs is going to nickname our son bear.... 

jakp328 jakp328

Oops named*

nonmember avatar Bambam

Uma Thurman doesn't even call her daughter Rosalind they call her Luna...

Wondr... WondraWoman

HAHAHAHA!!  Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon call them "Roc & Roe" for short.  Rock & roll baby!

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

You forgot Pilot Inspecktor. I kinda like Buddy.

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