Cabbage Patch Kids Wigs for Babies Turn Your Baby Into a Living Toy


cabbage patch wigRemember those Cabbage Patch Kids dolls? They were those beady-eyed cloth dolls with the pudgy cheeks and the funny hair popular in the 1980s. Well, speaking of the funny hair, if you're feeling nostalgic but don't feel like bidding on eBay, here's the next best thing: Wig maker Amanda Lillie is making Cabbage Patch Kids wigs for babies. 

The hats (let's call them hats instead of wigs) are hand-crocheted -- and they're sold out. People have gone bananas over these things and they're all on back-order now. And I can see why! You can't help laughing out loud when you see that picture -- it's so loopy, isn't it?

I don't think the typical baby is going to put up with wearing the wigs around the house for more than 10 seconds at a time. So you're going to have to throw that thing on your baby with one hand and snap a photo quickly with the other hand. But I guess these are supposed to be more like hats. If it's cold outside and you want your baby to wear a hat, it might as well be this crazy thing that turns your child into a living doll. Omigah, now you are now the most popular family at the supermarket! Squee!

Well, you are if you were savvy enough to snatch up one of these wigs while they were still available. Now? The best you can do is buy a pattern to make one of your own. If you get started now you may have it finished by November -- or maybe you work faster than I do. Or... maybe you're not obsessed enough with 80s nostalgia to go through all that trouble.

As for me, Cabbage Patch Kids always kind of gave me the creeps and I find the idea of dressing up your child like a living toy just bizarre. So I am not sad that I let this trend fly past me, and I won't be making one for my baby niece. But hey, knock yourselves out, Cabbage Patch fans. They are kind of cute. (Shudder.)

Would you ever buy a Cabbage Patch Kids wig?


Image via Etsy

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Sleep... SleepingBeautee

Those are HILARIOUS! My sister and my best friend bot just had girls that are completely bald. This funny hat just might be perfect for them. So funny!

sassy... sassykat122

No more bizarre than dressing them up for halloween. Sheesh.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I made one like this for my DD last Halloween (she was 10 months old). It was SO cute, and warm for our night of trick-or-treating!


I would buy one for DD if I could find them. My sister saw this pic and tagged it as my daughter, LOL. Plus DD LOVES wearing all kinds of hats/buckets, whatever.


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