Kim Kardashian's Baby Name Might Shock Us All

Kim KardashianJust when we thought we had all figured out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby's name, the pair have gone and thrown us a doozie. A nurse had supposedly leaked to the press that the baby was named Kaidence Donda West; then there was the report that the baby was named Kai Georgia Donda; and one even joked (?) she was named Khrist. But all signs pointed to one thing: A name that started with "K." Now, however, comes some astonishing out-of-left-field news: A source "close" to Kim and Kanye told US Weekly that we're all totally off base! Says the source:

They're not quite ready to announce the name yet. But the name definitely does not start with a K, despite all the rumors that have been out.

Hey, you know what I think? I think they're both sitting there watching every single story that pops up regarding the baby's name and then changing their minds accordingly! But, seriously, will Kim and Kanye really not give their baby a K name?!

Yeah, I bet once Kaidence Donda leaked out -- so much for Kaidence Donda! Little Kaidence must be so confused. "Mommy, you were calling me Kaidence an hour ago, now why am I Muffy?" Oh wait, she can't talk yet. But she's saying it with her eyes.

Do you think Kim and Kanye -- whose family includes Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie -- would really brand themselves separately from the rest of the pack? I find it hard to believe. However, a "K" name is so expected at this point that it would be mighty tempting to throw that plan to the wind.

Some other ideas?

Beyonce. "Imma let you finish, Kaidence, but Beyonce is a better name! Of all time!"

North. Yes, believe it or not, some reports claim this wasn't a joke and Kim is seriously leaning towards it.

Caidence. That'll show 'em! Ha!

Purple Hedera. Take that Blue Ivy!

Actually, if Kim and Kanye don't go for a "K" I'll breathe a sigh of relief, because I've been fearing that my name might crop up on their short list. And then my life IS. OVER.

Do you think they will drop the K?


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nhamp... nhampton401

Kortney and Scott don't have K names...helloooo

nonmember avatar Sophie

I read one article on this site that said that Kim wanted to name the baby Liv.

Tina Campbell

the baby is not a kardashian but a WEST!

mamat... mamatreat

Tina- not sure you're aware but the baby is a Kardashian and a West both. Just because the dad's last name is West doesn't make the baby only a West. 

cherylam cherylam

I really don't care. They don't pay my bills, buy my groceries or even know Im alive. I'm glad the mom & baby are doing well, but after that...meh.

nonmember avatar Christina

I was gonna say the same thing @nhampton401

mrsbovee mrsbovee

I only clicked on this article because it was probably the 468th one I've seen. Beyond that... Why the heck do people care so much? I'm more concerned about fictional characters to be perfectly honest.

nonmember avatar Christina

I was gonna say the same thing @nhampton401

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