8-Month-Old Baby Seems to Recognize Soldier Dad Even Though It's the First Time They've Met (VIDEO

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After hearing about a soldier who surprised his family at the Blackhawks game last weekend after a 9-month deployment in Afghanistan, you'll count your blessings and appreciate each and every moment with your children even more.

Sgt. Dale Dick wanted to make sure his homecoming was extra special for his wife and kids -- especially since he'd never met his baby boy who was born while he was away. With the help of the Blackhawks, he came up with the perfect plan to make sure his family had no idea they'd be seeing a very familiar face take the ice for the National Anthem that night.

Take a look at this video to see how the whole reunion played out -- and get the tissues ready. It's impossible not to be moved to tears when you see him finally hold his son in his arms.

Isn't it amazing how even though he'd never officially met his son, it's like the baby instantly recognized him as his Daddy? I loved how he kept touching his face -- like he couldn't contain his excitement and happiness.

And while it's always incredibly emotional for a mom to watch her husband hold her baby for the first time -- imagine how this woman must have felt, given the huge surprise he pulled off for her? She had no idea when she attended the game that her husband was going to walk out onto that ice, so she must have been overflowing with joy upon seeing him interact with their baby.

He certainly waited long enough for that moment -- and it's so wonderful that it was captured on video for the family to relive over and over again.

Did this story move you to tears?

Image via NHL Network Online



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SaphireH SaphireH

Im sure mommy showed him so many photosand videos of daddy that his face was burned into that babys memory so the second he got the real deal over the images he just had to touch and feel to show how much he loves his daddy. I love seeing the reunions of families with their soldiers, makes me cry tears of happiness for them



debra... debramommyof4

I showed my son video of daddy reading books. We had a book of pictures he could chew on. I told him stories about Daddy. He knew who my husband was at 6 months when he met him for the first time.

She probably did something similar. It is hard being a military wife and you always worry about ways to keep the kids and their father connected no matter the age.

nonmember avatar NoWay

OMG! That baby is so adorable! And so is the little girl! Bless that family and may their times apart always be short! :)

Tempe... TempestRayne

I remember when my hubby came home for his midtour, a couple of years ago. My baby was nine months old at the time, and sure as heck knew daddy. It didn't hurt that we skyped frequently, talked on the phone, had pictures that he saw all the time and I had hubby wear an undershirt for a couple days straight, then mail it home ( sealed in a plastic bag to hold in the smell) so that lilman knew daddy's smell.

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