Kate Middleton's Birth Announcement Is Pretty Old-Fashioned

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Kate MiddletonKate Middleton's royal baby is due in July and the baby won't be announced on Twitter -- it will be revealed digitally via the now-old-fashioned press release -- but the first news that the baby is born will be via royal tradition. The baby's arrival, weight, and sex will be announced on a wood and gold easel just inside of Buckingham Palace's gates. It's the same easel that was used for William's birth. Classy!

But even before that happens, the baby's birth announcement will be brought in an envelope from St. Mary's hospital, where Kate will give birth, to a royal house member, who will get it to the Palace under police escort. Not taking any chances via phone (which can be hacked) or email (which can be forwarded). Let's just hope the royal house member doesn't get lost, eh? A Palace rep told US Weekly:

Although an electronic release will go out, we want there to be a degree of theatre about the birth announcement. This is the birth of the third in line to the throne so it is very important. It is an extremely important occasion.

Yep, a little royal must be hailed with much pomp and circumstance! The baby's name, however, won't be revealed right away. Drum roll, please. In fact, several days could go by before we hear about little Elizabeth Catherine Diana Carole or little Edward Charles William Arthur. Or, you know, whatever.

The only people who will find out about the baby before the public does are Queen Elizabeth, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and other members of the royal family and Middleton family.

Supposedly. You do have to wonder if someone inside the hospital will spill the beans to a well-paying tabloid.

Kate is expected to give birth naturally -- though you never know with these things. Prince William, Kate's mother Carole, and her sister Pippa are all reportedly going to be present at the live event!

Are you looking forward to the royal baby? Any guesses about the sex or name?


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MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Really? You mean we won't see a Tweet from Kate that says "We r sooooo excited that r babeee is heeeeerrreee!" You mean the royals have more class than the cast of Real Housewives? You don't say...

Maranda Kidd

who cares about her are the royal family.

happi... happinessforyou

What a nice tradition. So much better than putting all your info. out for public cunsumption! Healthy baby to you!

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Love that they are traditional and classy. I'm sure they will pick a name that pronounced the way they spell it. Lol...

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Yes Jennifer I agree. I'm sure they won't name name the baby Dyiannah Kayite lol

Trist... TristanMitchael

I'm about 50% sure it's a boy! Whatever they name it will probably be a classic name.

Dottie White

Miranda Kidd, there are some people who care about Kate and her baby. There are some people who don't. If you don't care, why did you read about the article or comment? Such a waste of time for someone who doesn't care, comment on something you do care about. I personally like Prince William and his late mother, Princess Diana.

Robin Burleyson

I am so sure this babies name will NOT be North West!

Mary Busby

No matter the name...it will be a boy! :) Perhaps born next week! My prediction. ;)


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