Kim Kardashian Birth Details Make Her Delivery Sound Like a Nightmare but Baby Is All Smiles

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New details are emerging about Kim Kardashian's unexpected and early delivery -- and some of them sound pretty harrowing! Poor Kim made no secret of the fact that she had a difficult pregnancy, and the delivery doesn't sound like it was much easier. The baby arrived this past weekend, anywhere from five to three weeks early, and is reportedly still in an incubator.

People magazine is reporting that Kim was admitted to the hospital early due to "complications" -- which another report claims was the dangerous condition known as pre-eclampasia, which can threaten both mom and child. Kim also apparently had high blood pressure and the baby was in distress. "This was a lot to go through," one of Kim's friends said.

E! News had reported that the delivery was natural, but other reports have witnesses saying that Kim had a Caesarean section. Perhaps the baby was induced because of the complications. Either way, it sounds like it was drama-filled -- just like little Kaidence Donda's (?) parents.

But everyone is agreeing on one thing: The baby is doing well, and so is momma. A friend even has some inside details about what the little girl looks like, telling People:

[She's] the prettiest, tiniest thing with a full head of straight, dark hair, a cute little nose, and Kim's lips. She's already smiling!

So, uh, in other words, she looks like a baby! Huzzah!

In other rumors news, Kanye is now desperate to marry Kim after seeing what a brave soul she was. Yep, Kanye, baby making is easy but baby birthing be hard!

Did you have any birth complications?


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kelti... kelticmom

I too had pre eclampsia, I went into labor 4 weeks early and my little man weighed 5lbs, 11oz. But he was just fine! It was scary, but worth every second of it.

nonmember avatar RadChick

This is why she is sick:

nonmember avatar Brittany

The minute I saw how swollen her feet were crammed into those heels I knew she had pre-eclampsia. I had it too & probably should've been induced at 36 weeks but was instead put on bed rest till 38w5d.

nonmember avatar Tonya

I had complications when I was pregnant the first time (which resulted in me losing my son, I was 8 1/2 months when he stillborn) Like Kim I had really high blood pressure, my body felt it was on fire. But two years later we ended having a miracle baby which was a girl :) but I was told that If I was ever to have anymore children I would have to have them by C-section from now on. :)

nonmember avatar Sarah Walker

I had preeclampsia & had to deliver 6 weeks early. My daughter was 4 pounds 11 ounces. She was only in the NICU for 10 days & needed no interventions.

Mommy... Mommy2BeAmy

First of all, I don't understand why her babies delivery is such a secret...she has her whole life on a tv show but now so hush about the new baby??

For those talking about her swollen feet being a dead give away for preeclampsia: I had swollen feet legs hands I had around 50lbs of water weight during pregnancy and didn't have preeclampsia.

Sarah Hawkins

I had no complications in my pregnancy... well I take that back.. I had gestational diabetes. Hoping the diabetes wont come back.

julie... julie21210

Yeah my legs and feet were HUGE while I was pregnant and I gained like 55 lbs ... But no PRE-eclampsia ... But I thought that was when the placenta was covering the cervical opening and you can't deliver naturally cuz you can bleed out ?!?! Now I gotta go google stuff

Blues... Blueshark77

I didn't any problems while pregnant, but sure did during the delivery. Cervix wanted to stay posterior, couldn't dilate past 7cm, baby was too big to get past my pelvis, got an infection from the extra long labor, epidural wasn't working as they gave me pitocin to help dilation (only caused extreme pain, no dilation), meconium in my waters. The baby wasn't dropping into position, I kept saying she is a large baby and that I didn't think she could drop. One resident said she was really good at determining baby size and said she wouldn't be more than 7 1/2 lbs. After 36 hours they finally gave me the c-section I'd been asking for for 10 hours to my healthy 10lb daughter. The surgery really hurt too because they had so much trouble getting out my big baby . I know there are mothers who have had bigger babies without incident, but that wasn't my case. As bad as it went we are both healthy and happy now. 

Kimberly Zielinski

I had pre-e and was induced 7 week early on the dot.  It was terrifying as it went against my whole birth plan to have a natural waterbirth at a birthing center in a hospital in the city.  BUT, you do what's best for baby and yourself and since I was blacking out and at high risk for coma or seisures I of course decided to induce.  Still got to have my vaginal birth so at least I didn't have the added trama of c-section and they kept me on bedrest 2 weeks prior so I can keep baby in me as long as possible.

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