Military Dad Finally Gets to Hold Daughter Born While He Was Deployed (VIDEO)

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military dad meets daughterSeeing a baby come into this world is a beautiful thing. But nothing beats actually holding your child in your arms for the very first time. Don't believe me? A video of a U.S. Marine meeting his baby girl in person for the first time is making the rounds of the Internet today, and it's everything a military homecoming should be ... and then some.

U.S. Marine Cpl. Thomas Thornsberry had to watch his little girl born via Skype because he was deployed on a ship, far from home. That was nearly a month ago. Fast forward to Wednesday, and, well, just watch what folks at the Tampa Bay Times captured:

Ohhh, man, that look in his eyes! That kiss for his little girl! And the kiss for his wife!

That's a long, long time of waiting finally paying off. Because this guy didn't just go the normal nine months that parents already spend biting their fingernails. He had that and THEN SOME ... only to have sweet, sweet perfection at the end, the ability to take his little girl in his arms and do what we all want to do: cuddle, kiss, love.

The beauty of technology has allowed our servicemen a chance to see their babies being born, but when it comes down to it, seeing is just not enough. One of the greatest parts of being a parent is feeling their little body in your arms, drinking in their smell, and holding them tight.

Do you remember the first moment you held your baby? What was it like?


Image via Tampa Bay Times

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LostS... LostSoul88

I cried when I gave birth both times. It was so overjoying. 

Sierr... SierraLynn

It happens A LOT. My husband came home from Iraq 2 weeks after our oldest was born.

Nicole Gonzales Overn

I had my daughter when my husband was deployed. He got to hold her for the first time when she was two months old, it was very emotional. 

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