Beyonce Makes Major Mom Mistake Bringing Blue Ivy Into a Hot Tub

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hot tubI honesty had to do a double take after seeing a photo of Beyonce in a hot tub -- along with her baby girl, Blue Ivy. My first reaction was something along the lines of, "Is that really a hot tub and not just some bubbling pool? Why on earth would any mom let their baby go in a hot tub? That just isn't safe!"

But apparently a hot tub is exactly what they are pictured cuddling in. Now, understandably, Beyonce is receiving quite a bit of criticism for choosing to bring her precious little girl into an environment that most people don't consider safe for babies.

I'm sure she's a wonderful mom and would never put Blue Ivy in harm's way on purpose -- but taking her into a hot tub? Really?

And it would be different if they were pictured in a jetted tub in a bathroom. Nobody would even flinch at the two of them enjoying a soak. But from the looks of the photo, they appear to be in an outdoor hot tub, which means it's probably chlorinated or has some sort of chemical in it to kill bacteria -- something hot tubs are full of.

If she wasn't concerned about the temperature of the water being too warm for Blue's delicate skin (maybe it really wasn't all that hot), she probably should've at least thought about the fumes she may breathe in. Actually, the fumes are what I've always feared as far as my own kid using hot tubs goes -- and that's why he's never been in one. Ok, so maybe I'm also a bit of a germophobe, and hot tubs have all sorts of nasty stuff in them I don't want my kid coming in contact with. But still, the chemicals are my main concern.

This is Beyonce, however, so I guess there's always the chance that whatever hot tub she was using is all sorts of natural and fume-free. But even if that's the case, did she really think she wouldn't face a decent amount of backlash for sharing that photo? C'mon Bey -- if you want to go hot tubbing with your kid, go for it, but don't make the mistake of telling the rest of the world about it next time around. You're a celeb, for crying out loud -- which means people will pick apart your parenting skills every chance they get.

Would you ever take your baby in a hot tub?


Image via Snassek/Flickr

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Hot tub temps can be adjusted woman...either way no I wouldn't unless I adjusted the temp. Then its like a warm bath. Cute picture, I love it when celebrities know they are going to be photographed ; ) this is obvious but still cute.

nonmember avatar myopinion3

Am I the only one who feels like this picture is staged? It looks like she's modeling/posing not just casually lounging with her baby in a hot tub.

worki... workingmama86

Wait, how is a hot tub different than a pool (other than the temp of course)? There are a lot of chemicals in pools to keep them clean...  And yes the temps in hot tubs can be adjusted so it's not too hot for the baby. 

Kate Cooley

Temperature isn't the issue - you can adjust that to suit your needs. Hot tubs are people soup - the bacteria harbored in them is not to be believed, regardless of HOW well you think you've cleaned it. Bleh. And for a baby? Just don't.

1Step 1Step

So pools are out too are they?  They must be since they contain all those (GASP!) harmful chemicals.  Really, this is a tempest in a tea pot.  Dumb!!

nonmember avatar misha

no different than a pool, or chlorinated city water. Ours comes out of the tap smelling like a public pool. Should I dechlorinate my toddler's baths? or take him to the river out back?

nonmember avatar Momma3

Its her life her baby and it could have been her modeling or her in her own hot tub where she can adjust tem and know exactly what's in it. A dip in the hot tub or pool is not gonna kill the baby. Get lives of your own peeps seriously.

dekumama dekumama

Yeah, I don't see the difference between this and a pool either.

nonmember avatar Renee

It was a beautiful pic. Jealous people are always so negative .

nonmember avatar AshleyAshly

OMG!!! I guess by looking at the pic u can tell how hot the water is, what it smells like, where they r at & how long they've been in the tub...... Just cus u see the sun shining outside doesn't mean it's 100 degrees get a damn life....... She posted that pic for ignorant ass ppl my daughter gets in the hot tub and loves it she also use hot water in the tub lmao wow. & u only catch some shit when a person is in there wit some shit I love the pic toooo cute keep it up Beyonce!!

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