Politician's Proposed Ban on Bottles Will Only Hurt Moms & Babies

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drinking from bottleI've heard some pretty dumb ideas on how to promote breastfeeding over the years. But here's a new one: a ban on bottles. Not a ban on formula. A ban on bottles.

As in the things that babies use to drink both formula AND breast milk.

Oy gevalt!

Good news for us in America, the bottle ban isn't happening here ... at least not yet. Proposed legislation in the country of Venezuela claims the move would "increase the love between mother and child." The plan is to get rid of all types of baby bottles, with exceptions only in case of the death of a mother or for women with limited milk production (which would be determined by the country's health ministry).

Go ahead and seethe, Moms ... just don't shoot the messenger.

Because I think this whole trend toward forcing moms to breastfeed is demoralizing to women ... at best.

Whether it's taking formula out of hospitals or taking away bottles, the message these sort of "bans" send to moms isn't "Yes, let's breastfeed!" It's that we can't be trusted to make our own decisions with our bodies and our babies, so big brother is going to do it for us.

Let me just lay this out there: most women know that breast is best ... except when it isn't. The reasons not all of us breastfeed are myriad. Low milk production is one, but there are plenty more ... pretty much all of them valid.

So what happens to those mothers when bottles are banned?

Women don't magically find the ability to breastfeed successfully ... certainly not without help.

First there's the physical struggle to make breastfeeding work when it really isn't, then the frustration and depression that come from said struggle. Even if a mom does somehow figure out how to breastfeed with a proverbial gun to her head, the emotional toll is great ... for mom and baby.

Is that really promoting an increased love between mother and child?

Is that really the way to win the war to increase breastfeeding rates?

What is it that's "won," exactly?

What we all know, what every mom has in common -- breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms alike -- is that we want the best for our babies. The government doesn't have to pull a fast one on us to make it that way; it's human nature.

Why is it so hard for governments to recognize that which is already inherent and use it? Don't shame moms or punish them, don't force our hands ... help us help our babies!

That's the only way to increase breastfeeding rates.

Would you support a ban on bottles?


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BeccaLS BeccaLS

A lot of women pump their breast milk and put it in bottles so that they can have a steady supply ready to go even if she's not with the baby. Banning bottles would just hurt them.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Totally in favor of something of the sort. Maybe bottles should be prescription only? Formula too. Breastfeeding should be the norm and pushed. Not just a choice for moms to make. Surely moms, dads and caretakers with babys health and best interest in mind will always have access to formula, bottles and SNS units. But maybe a choice that so greatly affects the health of a child shouldn't be made at the grocery store. Our country needs a wake up call. I see nothing wrong with the parents who can't breastfeed for physical, OR mental reasons, it happens. I look down on moms who simply don't want to and don't try. Not wanting to is MUCH different than being mentally unable.

nonmember avatar Mary

Baby feeding is now completely on the mother's shoulders (breasts)?Venezuela must have AMAZING maternity leave! Otherwise, I hope Venezuela is also promoting men to lactate to help feed their babies.
Stupidity is rampant all over the world it seems.

LostS... LostSoul88

Hell no! What about those mothers that have to work? Will jobs now allow babies to come to the job so mommy can feed them? Or will they allow the mom to take a full year off with pay so baby is feed? It shouldn't be up to the government what is better for a mother or her baby. 

mande... manderspanders

I'm planning on exclusively breastfeeding for as long as possible... however, because I have to work, pumping will be necessary... so by default, SOMEONE will have to feed my baby my pumped breastmilk with a bottle...  I already bought a set as well; even though I hope not to need them for a few months.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Hell no thats not right. My body my choice I didn't want to breastfeed so I didn't. And I love my children more than anything, breastfeeding has nothing to do with that. I wouldn't love them more if I had breastfed them thats absolutely ridiculous!!

nonmember avatar LIL MOMMA

HELL NO AS WELL... That is just messed up everyone should have a choice this is a free country I love my baby more than anything but i chose not to breastfeed and he is as healthy as can be ...

another bad example is my cousin in law she chose not to breastfeed because she is a drinker and didn't want to quit the alcohol which i dont agree with that being a good reason by no means but what about people like that that would force them to breast feed and what if they dont stop the drinking think of all the babies affected by something stupid like that :(

nonmember avatar kaerae

I support a ban on men telling women what to do/not do with their OWN BODIES! Kansas won't be far behind on this!

lovem... lovemyson1224

What?! I EBF all three of my sons but bottles were still necessary for pumped milk while I was away. This is stupid.

nonmember avatar Anowscara

This is a clear assault on women's rights. It's a direct assault on women doing what they want to with their own bodies, but also a sneak attack on women's place in the workforce. If there are no bottles, and they're not shy at all about saying that they're specifically trying to get women to breastfeed, and there are no corresponding accomodations to allow women to breastfeed at work. The net effect? Women who can't work. Honestly, truly, I think that's the intention of the people who wrote this ridiculous legislation.

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