Kim Kardashian's Baby May Make Her First Appearance on Kris Jenner's Show

kim kardashianWhile Kim Kardashian and her baby deserve some shred of privacy right now, let's not front: We're all secretly hoping that the little bundle of joy becomes a staple in the media circus that is the Kardashian family. Not only will it be fascinating in a low brow kind of way to see bombshell Kim in mama mode, babies are just plain fun. Sweet little Mason and Penelope have brought a (small) sense of innocence to Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami/New York/Detroit, and baby Kimye will only add to the adorableness. As a spectator, I say yes to seeing Kim's baby on TV.

And looks like my wish may come true. Kris Jenner has hinted that Kim's baby may make her debut on her upcoming daytime talk show.

Despite her favorite daughter having just given birth, Kris hit up the red carpet on Sunday at the Daytime Emmy Awards and milked Kim's baby made mention of the fact that the family's newest addition may make an appearance on her show, which debuts in July. According to a source: "Kris said to tune into her new talk show to get all the inside scoop about Kim’s newborn baby. When someone asked Kris if the baby would make an appearance on the show, she demurely said 'you will have to watch'. Kris was absolutely loving all of the attention she was getting."

So, we'll see. It actually sounds more like Kris was merely using her 2-day-old granddaughter to drum up ratings for her new show, but still, I wouldn't be surprised if baby Kimye made the occasional appearance on one of the Kardashian shows. And you know Kris will be talking about the baby and spilling details on the program, as why else would anyone watch a Kris Jenner show?

As I said, I'd love to see Kim and Kanye's child on reality TV for my own selfish reasons, but if she makes her debut on Kris's show, that's a little weird. I mean, what would the baby do? Sit in a bassinet next to Kris's desk while she interviews some random YouTube star who's famous for lip syncing to a Demi Lovato song? No thanks. But seeing the cute infant sleep in Kim's arms in a KUWTK episode? I'll take it.

What do you think of Kris's comments?

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Cooks... Cookster792

Just as I predicted they will bring out the baby for photo ops only. I can't wait to hear Kanyes reaction

to this news. Gonna be good.  He said this is my child not Americas.  He is right.

Nancy Hartwick

Kanye may forbid his daughter becoming a "media baby", but we all know who will win this round...Momma Kris for sure. And as far as the first photos of this sweet, innocent baby, the highest bidder will get that option, whether it be US,OK, or People magazine....That tiny innocent soul will be completly exploited by her family. Pretty sure that will be the end of the "Kimye" romance....

Texas... TexasGirl512

This is the biggest kiss-@sa article I've ever read. Don't expect to get taken seriously as a writer with stupid articles like this one. Clearly Kris Jenner Communicatiins has bought another website to promote her spawn and their spawn!

Marie Shanahan

I think they are only an anomoly outside of the usual media circus the USA has seen in the past in that they've been "allowed" too far into the life of America.  I keep up with the news because these people stand as such a threat to our media safety, which was bad to begin with - this is why they are thriving out there.  I really want to see them all go away, as many do.  The child is cute, no doubt, but it's beside any point.  The threat they pose is far more interesting. They should return to LA debutante land and America should make sure they get there and stay there.

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