Gorgeous ‘Face’ of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Daughter Revealed

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kim kardashian and kanyeFrom the moment we heard that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had conceived a child, we couldn't wait to see what she would look like. Now that she is finally here, her big, splashy media debut will surely happen any minute. Well, that is, as soon as they ink some multi-million dollar deal for those first images all the tabloids are surely clamouring for. But it looks like we don't have to wait. A forensic artist has created a composite photograph of Kimye's child. And she's stunning!

Imagine a gorgeous little girl with that signature lush Kardashian mane, those high cheekbones, cute, pert nose, and Kanye's mesmerizing, chocolate brown eyes. If expert artist Joe Mullins is right, this child is one of the most adorable kids in Hollywood. Would you expect anything less from the combo of those genes?

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Still, the world can't wait to get an actual glimps of this baby. Of course, those real pics will be a big deal. Granny Kris Jenner has reportedly already been speculating about how much they will go for -- which could be millions.

But that's not the only thing rabid fans are waiting for. Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats must waiting for the name. I imagine another "K" moniker, though the could surprise us. Either way, it will be a name we will hear over and over again in the months and years to come -- especially once this little one joins the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast. And there is no doubt Kanye will create countless songs about his little princess. She hasn't even left the hospital yet and she's already a huge star. Crazy, right?

What do you think of the composite sketch?


Image via Alexis/Flickr




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tuffy... tuffymama

What? Kanye plus Kim equals a Mexican daughter? Weird. LOL. That picture is strange.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I'm sorry, but Kanye West reminds me of a really narcissistic Bubba (from Forrest Gump). This is not an attractive man in any way, shape, or form. Match that with the vapid Kim Kardashian and you have a really average looking, not too bright, ego driven person. 

Coles... Coles_mom

Or...like the unfortunate cases of Whitney Houston or Beyonce...the kid would end up looking like dad. Gorgeous woman. Ugly dude.

nonmember avatar Saywhat

LMAO @tuffy Mexican is a NATIONALITY. Yes, the composite may resemble a Hispanic little girl, but to go as far as to say Mexican....Just plain ignorance.

Coles... Coles_mom

Lol @chocodoxies! I wanted to say something similar, but figured I'd get busted out for being rascist. Glad you said it first. :) I agree.

Sheila Blankenship

I'm not sure how accurate that picture will be considering at least 50% of this couple is either plastic or cosmetically enhanced lol

Liane... Lianetherider

I'm going to guess that her skin will be darker than in that composite, since, you know, her dad is BLACK. Seems like the composite artist just totally ignored the POC half of this baby. Typical whitewashing.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I'm with Sheila Blankenship....Kim kardashian is a composite of plastic and silicone...how in the hell are we supposed to get what their child will look like if we dont even know what her mother looks like? Whatever....I feel so bad for this child...

jinxmom jinxmom

I must admit that pic scared me for some reason [sigh] Probably b/c it was so big and in my face.  Anyway, time will tell what she looks like.

hexxuss hexxuss

I think I'm more sad with myself for having taken the time to actually go look at some person's attempted drawing of a kid no one had even seen lol. *smh* I'm a bad example.

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