Expensive Baby Gear Is Totally Worth the Money

Maclaren Volo strollerBack when I was pregnant with my first, I was determined to spend as little as possible on baby gear. I bought almost everything used on eBay, and scoffed at people who spent money on expensive strollers and high chairs and all the other essentials.

But now that I've had four kids and seen (and used) a ton of baby gear, I totally get it. Listen up, new and expectant mamas!

Look, I don't think there's anything wrong with buying used stuff. In fact, I say do it (except for car seats, which you need to be careful about). And I get that people have budgets because I totally did and still do.

But here's the thing: the baby gear that's more expensive and made to last actually does. And it will stand the test of time and many babies (if that's in your family plan).

Take my Maclaren umbrella stroller that was way more than I could have ever imagined spending on an umbrella stroller. I have had it through three children, a ridiculous number of plane rides, and so many trips to the zoo, mall, and you name it that I lost count. And it's still in amazing shape!

Then there's this ridiculously pricey Svan high chair that converts from a high chair to a toddler seat to a big kid chair. We just got it last year, and both my husband and I wish we had known about it before we bought the huge, plastic high chair that we ended up selling before buying another, which we then donated. We've gotten so much use out of that chair (and are still using it) that it's more than made up for the cost.

And don't even get me started on clothing. Yes, I used to roll my eyes at people who spent a lot of money on baby clothes that the little ones spit up on and grow out of in a few seconds. But let me tell you that the dresses and other pieces I've bought from places like Hanna Andersson and Tea Collection have been worn by three girls over the course of eight years. EIGHT YEARS. They look brand new.

So if your budget allows and if you can swing it, buy your baby gear and clothes with the big picture in mind. And don't roll your eyes at the mom who's pushing the fancy stroller. She may have bought it second-hand five years ago and is still using it now with her younger kids.

Do you think you get what you pay for when it comes to baby gear and clothing?


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B1Bomber B1Bomber

Some of these things are more expensive to buy once than other brands are to buy two or three times. I spent $15 on my umbrella stroller, and it's held up fine through two boys and a trip to Alaska. I spent $100 on my first jogging stroller, then gave it to another couple when my second was born and spent $120 on a double jogger. $40 on a convertible high chair, $70 on a jumparoo...all have been great as hand me downs to my second.

nonmember avatar Rach

I'm generally a less is more type of parent and person. I spent $120 on a chicco liteway stroller, which was my biggest purchase for my daughter. That was only a few months ago but I'll soon have to upgrade to a double stroller anyway so I'm glad I didn't want any ridiculous $400 stroller.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes. We spent around $300 for our Graco travel system and it is going through its 4th child. So it's been great.

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

$350 for an umbrella stroller? No thanks. My $15 Walmart umbrella stroller has lasted through 4 kids just fine :)

jrphelps jrphelps

And shoes!  My son gets well made shoes.  We don't spend a lot on his clothes & I will spend more on good clothing for special occasions, but I can justify spending the money on his shoes.  He is on his feet all day long running around & playing & deserves good support.

I do have an expensive jogging stroller we love but was too big & heavy to take everywhere.  I bought a $40 umbrella stroller (thinking it would last a long time) & my husband tripped over the wheel & bent the axle.  It lasted less than a year.  We now have the Jeep Cherokee Sport umbrella stroller & LOVE it!

momav... momavanessa

laughingYeah no. I have 2 kids and I love a good sale any day. I never pay top dollar on something my kids will not use after a a couple of years. We have had jumperoos, bouncers, and swings that were either given to us or we paid under 20 bucks. We gave them away because they were still in great condition. The most expensive thing we purchased for our kids was a new Joovy Caboose Sit and stand stroller which after my youngest turned 2 it has been sitting in the closet.  We just scored a beautiful wooden toddler bed frame from a church sale for 25 bucks last week. So I would rather save money thank you.  My kids do have a rather large collection of Gap clothes but most were given to them by my mom shopping habit or her friends.


Expensive clothes I will never understand (except for certain occasions). I just can't. Especially because you never know if you will be using it again. My kids will be 4 years apart once the new one is born. I bought a travel system for my daughter & a new for this one. Combined they are $300 & the stroller from my daughters is still in beautiful shape. I just didn't want to worry about the car seat expiring while we were still using it. If you take care of it, the less expensive stuff can last as well. If you have the money to buy expensive & want to, go ahead. But I don't know many women that can afford a $350+ on just a stroller.

Rachel Cunningham

Unfortunately, I think that this article was really just for the purpose of promoting their affiliate links in order to make money.

nonmember avatar Amy

If you can afford to buy expensive clothes and stuff for your kids, then great for you. But I don't want to hear how expensive it is for you to buy school clothes and how much credit card debt you have. Give me $20 and I'll go get your kid some pretty nice clothes from a garage sale.

miss_AP miss_AP

My graco quattro duo double stroller was expensive but one of my favorite purchases I bought with my 2nd (first was 2.5 at the time). And also expensive was my Arm's Reach CoSleeper....worth EVERY PENNY. And no, a regular playpen/basinett just doesn't cut it the same. 

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