Did Kim Kardashian Have a C-Section a Month Early?

Kim KardashianLittle Kimye has been in the world only a couple of days, yet just like her momma and daddy, she is already causing controversy. Despite the fact that E! News reports that Kim had a natural birth, many are quite convinced that isn't the case. Witnesses reported that they saw Kim being wheeled into a recovery room for women who had Caesarean sections. This isn't the first time we've heard that Kim was going to opt for an elective C-section -- back in April, Star magazine claimed that Kim was planning an early C-section just after the eighth-month mark -- which is indeed when little Kimye made her appearance.

According to that story, Kim had scheduled an "early C-section" because she "just wants to get her life and body back as soon as possible." Little Kimye was born five weeks early and reportedly weighs in at only five pounds.

Was it just coincidence that Star magazine predicted an early birth?

While I don't find it that hard to believe that Kim would want a C-section -- and there's nothing wrong with that if that is what the woman and her doctor feel is the best choice -- I wonder if even Kim Kardashian (who seems to sleep with makeup on) would go so far as to have a premature baby just for purposes of vanity. I'm not even sure that Kim would find a doctor willing to go along with this scheme. But it is clear that Kim was dying to get her pre-baby body back.

I hope the Kardashians aren't lying about a "natural" birth. If they did, it's probably because Kim didn't want to deal with the haterade that would accompany the birth of anything less than au naturel.

I'm one who thinks how a woman chooses to give birth is her own damn business -- but not necessarily if you're Kim Kardashian. She's had the cameras up her womb the entire pregnancy. It will be interesting to see how she describes the birth on the show -- if it wasn't filmed and she avoids talking about the experience, I'm leaning toward buying into the C-section conspiracy.

Do you think Kim had a C-section or natural birth?


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aameliaz aameliaz

If anyone watches the new season of the Kardashians they would realize Kim has been really sick. She had a bad pain they first thought was appendictitis and then an infection that she would put on antibiotics for. Anyways she has a had a hard pregnancy and healthy problems so they doctor may decided to take the baby out early due to Kim's recent health problems.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

If it were for health concerns, fine. But I doubt any doctor would be willing to do that 5 weeks early for vanity.

nonmember avatar kayla

reports were that kim got very sick a few nights ago, and this led to either 1. early contractions 2. need for c-section. like the other poster said, she's had some health problems along the way. i wouldn't be surprised if doctors thought it was best to have the baby early, or if she had gone into labor early.

femal... femaleMIKE

I am one of those people that just don't care how  other women choose to  give birth.  I have about 5 weeks left of my own pregnancy so I do enjoy hearing about other women's experiences. 

I doubt her baby was a preemie.  I am sure she lied about her due date to throw off the papparazi.

nonmember avatar Yggy

You really don't think you can find a doctor in LA who would do a C-section for vanity? Oh please. If it's natural, she recorded it. It's Kim after all. If they don't show the birth, I'm with the author. It was a C-section.

SaphireH SaphireH

no one knows what truly happened but kim herself but for all we know with how sick she got and stuff this could have been an emergancy c-section or she was fine but something went wrong with the baby.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Don't care and you shouldn't either. Not anyones business and people who looks up to celebrities as an 'example' are delusional and need a life. 

nonmember avatar me

Nothing wrong with elective c-section even for vanity reasons once the baby is full term. ( past 37 weeks). I was induced at 39 weeks and would have done it sooner if my dr would have agreed to it. If she had c-section for health reasons, thats great, glad they are well. But if she had an elective c-section with preterm baby just because she was tired being pregnant then thats deplorable. And yes im sure shed be able to find a moneyhungry dr in LA to do it, but I guess well see how it plays out in tv..

nonmember avatar Dornna

kim ,No matter how u had ur child i do belive the love u have is the most inportant.I just dont get the peoole n there rude mouth...You will be a awesome amazing wonderful great mom..I just love ur family ......BALTIMORE MOM

nonmember avatar bessy

au naturel????? oh please. She had a c-section. Are people actually that stupid to believe she had a natural birth. I just give up with society. One day all her lies will come crashing down...the brazilian butt lift surgery, the birth...everything. stupid whore

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