Duggar Family Welcomes Baby & His Name Is Mmm Mmm Good

duggarsAww! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are officially grandparents again. Their son Josh Duggar, and his wife Anna have just welcomed their third child, making their first two kids, Mackynzie and Michael, the proud siblings of a baby brother. The announcement came via the Today Show website, and of course, the new parents are "thrilled and thankful."

And the newest Duggar baby has a name that shouldn't come as a huge surprise. In fact, you can probably go ahead and take a wild guess and you just might come up with what they chose to call him.

Josh and Anna continued the "M" theme in their little family (well, little by Duggar standards) and named their new son Marcus Anthony.

Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus -- won't that make for an adorable Christmas card this year?

And don't you love that Josh is continuing his family's tradition of beginning all of his children's names with the same letter? Considering he and his 18 siblings all have names that begin with the letter "J," it's only fitting that he'd want to start the same tradition with his own kids.

I have to admit, I'm more than a little bit curious about why "M" was their chosen letter. Maybe it's because Josh's mom's name is Michelle? That would make sense. All the Duggar siblings have the "J" going on for Jim Bob, so it seems fitting for Josh and Anna to continue the same pattern with "M" to honor his mother.

Or maybe "M" has some other significance specific to the two of them that we're not aware of? It's kinda sweet to think about it meaning something special.

And I guess there's always the possibility that they simply loved the name Mackynzie for their first child, and just rolled with the punches and kept the "M" thing going from there.

Whatever the case, their new addition's name is just perfect -- let's all congratulate them!

Do you like the tradition of using the same letter for siblings' names?


Image via TLC

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miche... micheledo

Aww.  Congrats to them.

I don't care for using the same initial, but then we chose not to do that.  :)  I didn't want to get 'stuck' coming up with names just because they fit some theme we picked.  We pick names we like and go with those!

Julie Beam

LOL My Kids names are Jayden, Jaysin, JayceeMae, and Jayla....so yeah we go with Jays...I'm Julie and my Hubbys name is Joseph also


nonmember avatar sigh.

Anyone else read that title and figure the let's name was Campbell?

Kaela Wheeler

Sigh. - I thought the exact same thing!

SaphireH SaphireH

I didn't but my mother in law did, im married to a thomas and his siblings are tessa and trenton and she can never keep them straight. Shes lucky i use the nickname my hubby gave me in hs which is saphire, my birth name is tia and boy she would be screwed

nonmember avatar dana

My husband's middle name starts with an M and so does mine, so we're going with M's as middle initials. It's really difficult to pick names that don't suck. Really, really.

lovel... lovelikethis721

Congrats to them! The whole same initial thing is cute but definitely not something that I would do. My DD is Janessa and now that Im pregnant again this little one will either be Darryl or Amaiya. I did find it slightly amusing though that when Michelle Duggar was pregnant with the baby they lost (#20 I think?) they considered using Janessa for a girl and I had already become dead set on the name Janessa Rose. DD was due the day the duggars announced losing that baby and was born 3 weeks 6 days later on January 5th

April Conner-Landou

didn't even know they were on their 3rd kid already!

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I also thought they might've chosen "Campbell" for a name. I'm happy for them. I wonder if she had another home birth like the first two.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

@dana me and my boyfriend middle names start with a m so both our boys middle names start with an m too.

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