Breast Milk Flavored Lollipops Do More Harm Than Good

breastmilk lollipopTurning breast milk into sweet treats is old hat at this point. People make ice cream with breast milk, use it in baking, hell, there's even jewelry made from breast milk. But a company has come out with a new treat for your little one to enjoy when whipping out the boob isn't possible: Breast milk lollipops.

At first, my reaction to this was: "Do we really need another dessert that contains breast milk as an ingredient?" Then when I heard the lollipop company's CEO explain his reasoning behind the pop, I kind of turned -- "breast milk can turn a screaming, furious child into a docile, contented one," Jason Darling said.

Then I realized -- wait, these lollis don't actually contain breast milk? They're just breast milk flavored? What's the point?


I get that breast milk can quell a fussy or crying child, but you know what else can? A lollipop! A lollipop that's any flavor. You could probably give your child a water-flavored lollipop and they'd be fine with it. It's not like the kid is getting the benefits of breast milk from this lollipop. It's just a lollipop. And side note: I'd like to know what, exactly, is in it that makes it breast milk-flavored.

I'm all for breastfeeding your child until you damn-well please. And if you want to make gelato and fondit with it, that's all you. Live and let live. But I definitely won't be giving my child a breast milk-flavored lollipop once she's old enough to enjoy lollis. Why? Not to be that annoying mom, but I'd rather give her an organic, "natural as, um, possible" lollipop from Whole Foods or the health food store as opposed to this. Or heck, even a Dum Dum. I doubt breast milk-flavored pops have much more nutrional value.

Would you give your kid a breast milk-flavored lollipop?


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