Shakira Wants to Breastfeed Her Son Until College & It Makes Perfect Sense

shakiraHow much does Shakira love breastfeeding? So much she wants to nurse her son until he goes off to college! Just kidding. Sort of. The former Voice judge did recently say that, but naturally, it was in jest. But Shakira is in love with nursing her 4-month-old son, Milan. "Breastfeeding has been one of the best experiences of my life," she said. "I love it! I can’t stop!" She then joked: "I think I’m going to breastfeed him until he goes to college! I’m hooked!" 

Now, clearly, Shakira isn't going to breastfeed her child until he goes off to college, because that would be highly inappropriate. But it's easy to see where she's coming from, and why she has no plans to stop any time soon. Breastfeeding has been scientifically proven to make both baby and mama feel really good. That's hard to give up!

In addition to the incredible bond breastfeeding provides (you're your child's source of food!), nursing actually releases the love hormone. Oxytocin. Studies have shown that baby's suckling changes how mama's brain acts, causing it to release Oxytocin in big waves, and in turn, enhancing feelings of love and affection. Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone (aww!), and it's the same thing we produce during sex or sexual attraction.

Breastfeeding also ensures close contact and, moreover, skin-to-skin contact. No, this doesn't mean breastfeeding moms are any closer than formula feeding moms. But when you breastfeed, close contact is guaranteed. You can't nurse your baby without snuggling up and touching one another. Close physical contact is not only important for babies, it creates an intimate bond between mother and child. Baby feels secure, protected, and is nurtured by your touch and scent.

Lastly, you may not even realize it, but breastfeeding is a time in which you and your baby communicate and exchange tons of nonverbal cues. Since the two of you are relegated to a specific place and are attached to one another, you read each other's expressions during this time. Tons of social learning occurs during the focused time of breastfeeding.

So, it's easy to see why Shakira can't imagine giving up breastfeeding any time soon. It's amazing. But I suggest she ditch it before Milan heads off to college. That might raise some eyebrows.

What do you think of this?


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nonmember avatar Cara

If I was Shakira the title of this article would greatly upset me.

Matt Attack

Well..... All I have to say is .... If she needs a replacement after her son is done.... I should be available to cover for a few yrs. :-)

Angie Rodgers

Go Shakira, but I think little man will probably decide himself when he wants to wean from nursing, and it would more than likely be well before he reaches college maybe going by the worldwide average weaning age of 4 years old :) xx

nonmember avatar christina

wow you go girl. hopefully you'r story with you being a star and all will encourage more mothers to breastfeed . even if its just a few months.

Amanda Turner

you are full of shit if you thing breast feeding moms aren't closer than formula feeding mothers!


Andre... Andreamom001

Children will self-wean when they are ready, usually around 4-5 years old.  Good for her if she breastfeeds her son that long--breastfeeding is a great way to prevent toddler tantrums and "terrible twos"!  The nutriton and contents change for toddlers, too, giving them what they need, including more painkillers for bumps and bruises and more things to soothe anxiety and emotional upset, mre vitamins and protein (percentage-wise) and mre antibodies to prevent illness.

Melissa Orruego

I have both breast fed and bottle fed and I can say that I was as close to all of them

kinag7 kinag7

Great article on the love between mom and baby, but can be achieved regardless of whether you breast or bottle feed...C section or vaginal....there is never a one size fits all.  love your children with all you have and that's the best you can give them.

tuffy... tuffymama

Re the bonding discussion, the SCIENCE indicates that BF bonding is stronger. I was a pregnant teen with my oldest and I decided to BF because the best mothers with the happiest children IN MY FAMILY were the BFing moms. The young moms I knew who were pregnant at the same time I was, offer a small study of the BF/FF bonding phenomenon: the FFing moms just didn't seem as concerned about their babies as the BFing moms, and indeed, two of those girls later relinquished custody to the babies' grandparents, and two had kids who grew to be quite troubled. These kids are all grown now, between nineteen and twenty years old, so it is easy to see the effects of the different parenting styles. BFing does bond a mother and child more intensely.

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