Kate Middleton Is Moving In With Her Mom Once the Baby Comes

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Kate MiddletonWith all the choices Kate Middleton has for life after the baby comes, she might have chosen the worst one possible. The Duchess of Cambridge's big-mouth uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has confessed she and the little princess or prince will be moving back in with her parents! For six whole weeks!

Oh Kate, Kate, Kate! Are you sure you want to do this? There's still time to back out, you know!

I'm not gunning for Kate's mum and dad here. I'm sure they're lovely people. They did raise her, after all. 

But I remember having visitors descend on my house just a few days after my daughter was born. They were family and very well-intentioned, but it may have been the most tense, uncomfortable stretch of my daughter's babyhood. And that was pre-colic!

Granted, the following is all anecdotal, but let me just put this out there: if you are still debating whether you should share a house with someone else right after the baby is born, reconsider! Now!

The first few weeks after a baby is born are supposed to be about finding your groove, as a new mom and as a family.

For Kate, that means it will be time to bond not just with the royal munchkin, but with the future king too, getting to know him as Wills the dad instead of Wills the husband. That's hard to do with someone else hovering over you at all times, especially when that person is his mother-in-law.

Then there's trying to figure out how to breastfeed ... with your dad always around. I know, I know, breastfeeding is not sexual. But I have yet to meet the woman who didn't feel just a wee bit different when it was her dad (or her father-in-law) seeing her uncovered. But uncovered feeding is pretty much exactly what you're doing in the beginning when you're at home and just trying to get the hang of latching.

Then there's trying to find time to relax. Not easy if you're not in your own home -- or you have someone else in your space. There were days when I wanted nothing more than to just spread myself out on my own couch and conk out while my daughter slept. But I always felt guilty doing that because someone else might want to sit there. Or watch TV in the living room!

Folks, I could keep on listing, but you get the point. Living with the parents after the baby comes might sound like a great idea in the abstract. That's no doubt why Kate Middleton, a woman who has gazillions of dollars and plenty of her servants at her disposal, would do it.

But really diving into parenthood with other people hovering around you is not all it's cracked up to be.

Want the love without the hardship? Tell them they can visit during the day, but put a time limit on it! Or let them sleep over, and then kick them out (OK, that's pretty rude ... but if they're up for a night shift, make sure you tell them it will be JUST that shift from the get-go).

Do you think Kate's plan sounds blissful or awful?


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Caitlin Locke

Wait... wait... Are you trying to argue that having a newborn at a palace will be less invasive than at her parent's home? I think she is making a great choice here and I bet Wills is in full agreement considering how "normal" Diana tried to raise her children.

Victo... Victoria0785

I highly doubt that Kate will be allowed to move into her parents house for 6 weeks, she is the future queen, that baby will be king or queen one day. There is no way that the queen or Will would let her move into a home that is not 100% secured for privacy and safety. I would not, on the other hand, be surprised if her mom went to stay with Kate for the first few weeks. That is pretty common actually. I stayed with my sister when she had my niece. I would hold my niece whenever my sister needed to go to the bathroom, take a shower, or just needed a nap. New babies are a lot of work, so it is good to have someone who knows you around to help you out. I am sure that Kate will have a full staff of nannies and nurses at her beckon call, but nothing beats your own mom/ family.

Jeannette Scott

The best outcome in my opinion is if her parents or her Mum anyway moved in with them for the first few weeks.
This is a very special time and a time when a girl needs her Mum for support  & guidance.
Good luck Kate-my nieces are both giving birth this Summer-my sister is going to the USA to take care of her D-i-L for the first few weeks & then back to Scotland to do the same for her daughter-at their behest & as she has done for their other births.I will be doing back-up duty. 

nonmember avatar Liz

10 months later, my mum is still with us and thank god she is. Without her we'd have been in all kinds of trouble. Brilliant idea Kate!

nonmember avatar jamie

I think this is great. you are forgetting this is kate's home just cause she moved out and got married it will always be her home. she needs her mom her sister not someone she hardle knows the nanny.Princess Di hardle ever used one i don't see kate doing it either. but all in all it is her chose.

Sujji Sujji

Really?  In India, its the cultural norm for a new mom to move back into her parents home after the birth of her baby.  This is the time she needs her mom's support for pampering, guidance and comfort.  And no one will do that better than your own mom.  

Mia Michelle

what in heavens name is wrong about her wanting to be with her mom i would have killed to have had a mother there with me
most resptfully michelle claypool

GaleJ GaleJ

It seems to me that this might be a way to allow Kate's parents some family time with their daughter and grandchild. I would imagine that as the non-royal side of the family they may not have as much family time as they might like and it's not as though they can just drop in.

britt... brittneyleigh88

I'm a private and capable person, I would die if someone were to stay with me after I birthed my kids- I had offers. No thanks. I had them, I can take care of them.

nonmember avatar Brandi

To each his own, I say.
With my first child, I lived with my family, and it was great. Who better to help when you need it than your mother and grandmother?
With my second, I lived in my own house. I definitely prefer having trusted women in the house when I needed help.

And no guilt about not doing it all by yourself, because they *want* to help.
There is absolutely no better person to to turn to in the middle of the night with an inconsolable baby than your mother.

Not to mention the family bonding with the baby, and the fond memories it creates.

I really think we have the wrong idea in the U.S. concerning individuality and autonomy. Family and community are important, and relying on others is ok.

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