Hilarious Uncle Shows Best Way to Bottle Feed a Breastfed Baby (VIDEO)


baby bottleAsking an uncle or aunt to babysit your kid isn't always met with enthusiasm. But sacrifices are made so parents can go out and do something non-parenting for a bit. We parents are forever grateful to our babysitters. We know babysitting isn't always fun. But one uncle took his duty to watch his adorable niece Yazzy to a whole other level of excitement. 

Uncle R.S. made a video. Complete with smooth singing, baby dancing, wine chillin', and breast milk flowing. Fist pump to breast pump! Take a look!

How adorable is little Yazzy! How adorable is it to see her uncle so excited to keep her happy and fed and having fun when mommy and daddy are out! How fantastic is it that Uncle R.S. sings "Milk top shelf! Only the breast!"

He's poppin' bottles all night and he always brings a change of clothes ... just in case of some spit-up. He even says there is no better way to end a Friday night. Pulling my heartstrings with that one. Baby Yazzy poses for pics like a model. The puppies play. We get smiles and happy eyes. Mama's breast pump makes a nice cameo. Pass me a glass of breast milk please ... or some of that wine.

Way to go whole family! It takes a village and this family does it right.



Image via YouTube


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truth... truthrowan

Way to go, so nice to see a loving, supportive, involved extended family!


Is he available on weekends?

apoll... apollothor

I love this video--and what a cute baby and a great guy!

Kathleen Hanson

It is great to see an Uncle so involved with his baby niece.

aygon... aygonzales

LOVE IT!!! Awesome UNCLE!!!

Drea Brivio

Adorable! This is definitely an amazing bond in the making! So much love, plus the baby girl is a cutie...who wouldn't love to watch baby Yazzy!

mtsuki mtsuki

I loved this and baby Yazzy is soooo cute <3

nonmember avatar Jenna

Every kid needs that one cool aunt or uncle. I'm so glad my brother is there to help me out when I need him. He and Carly have a blast together. He'd be a great parent. He's more laid back and I'm like a hover parent. He's not a dad or anything, but I've learned a little about how to relax and let go from him.

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