Kate Middleton's Baby Nursery Is More 'Pauper' Than Prince

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Kate MiddletonOMG. If you were a princess, wouldn't you go over the top with, like, everything when it came to baby furniture, gear, clothes, and all the other things infants tend to need?

Get this one -- supposedly Kate Middleton's baby nursery will likely be very humble and small. (What the what?!?)

And instead of hitting up high-end baby retailers to outfit the royal child's room, Kate has supposedly been shopping at antique stores to find furnishings for the nursery. (Get outta town!)

(Man, I always knew that Duchess was a laid-back kinda gal under all her fanciness.)

And all I have to say is, if a humble nursery is good enough for Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby -- then it's good enough for your little one too.

For the life of me, I'll never understand why some parents shell out thousands of dollars to make their baby's room look exactly like one of the nurseries in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. Sure, I sat there and drooled over the trendy sailboat- and airplane-themed rooms too. Then I glanced at the prices listed for each piece of furniture and bedding and added up what it would cost and decided that having an inexpensive nursery was just fine for me and my kid.

Look at it this way -- your baby is only going to use that stuff for a couple of years at best, so what's the point of spending a ton of dough on furniture you'll wind up giving away or storing in your basement for years on end? And aside from the furniture, it's kind of dumb to go all out with decorating the room to fit a baby, because then you have to do it all over again once he/she enters the toddler phase, preschool phase, and so on and so forth.

Keeping things simple from the start is such a better plan, because that way the room can evolve and grow as your child does. Trust me, there will be plenty of other expensive things to spend your money on down the road. Don't waste it all on a fancy crib and rocking chair that cost more than a down payment on a car.

How lavish is your baby's nursery?


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zumba... zumbafreak11

I was piss poor when I had my daughter so we didn't go too lavish. We had a carebears theme and painted the room yellow. If I were a princess carrying the future ruler of my country, I'd go as lavish as the queen would allow for her great-grandson.

amnew... amnewlon8982

My son who is due in August won't have a nursery. One thing I have learned from my two older kids is just this...when my kids are small, they sleep in a bassinet in my room, then in a crib in my room until they are old enough to be moved into their own room to sleep in a toddler bed. There is no need to go all out. And I won't this time either because even though we have the funds I still see no need.

Jocelyn Amber Potts

I for one wouldn't want to decorate a room with things that my child can't appreciate during their time as a baby!
There is no reason to go all-out on a nursery- I'll save that budget for when they get older and want things that will make them happy when they know what feeling is.

mothe... motherof2inFL

um, PBK probably will not even come close to what she will spend on her humble antiques.  so, nice try, but i'm not buying the "pauper" act. 

tardi... tardistraveller

her name isn't Middleton...

It is either Catherine Wales or Catherine Elizabeth Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge.

Sarah Cazier

Um... the last time I walked through an antique shop I got sticker shock. I think you got the wrong definition for 'pauper'.

Sharon Barnett

Princess Kate is going to be a mom.  She can do whatever she wants for her baby.  She and prince William are the parents making the decisions.  As somebody else had posted, why would they go over the top when the baby would not even notice or appreciate what he/or she will be sleeping and playing.  (not in those exact words)

nonmember avatar Susan McGonniga

I think that an "antique" nursery is a terrific idea.....I'd love to go shopping with Kate for this. A couple of things she should be careful of are lead paint on everything and to make sure the slats on the crib aren't placed too far apart.

Samfan97 Samfan97

I agree that antiques aren't cheap either. But no, I didn't see any point in spending a fortune on a fancy nursery. I am pregnant with my second baby now and am amazed that everyone seems shocked that I'm not putting together totally different stuff for this baby. My son isn't quite 2, though. I see no reason to go all out and feel like things like this are why many Americans are in debt.

Marlio Conner

This is furniture for the cottage they are living in.  You can bet when they move into Kingsington Palace, the nursery will be outfited for a king or queen.

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