This 'Rad' Nursery for Baby Boy Is Like No Other You've Seen

With a name like Rad, you'd have to know this baby would get a bedroom to match. Put together by crafty mom Alison from The Alison Show, I think you'll love this baby boy nursery's mix of a few treasures, budget finds, and some good old-fashioned DIY. Click through for the tour below!


Using wall decals to make an all-over pattern is so inventive. And I love the Native American influence in this cozy little corner. Who can't appreciate a classic Pendleton wool blanket? 

The darling sailor suit belonged to baby Rad's dad. So sweet I can hardly stand it! 

This clever little changing corner was put together using an existing built-in desk, some 3" foam, and fabric Alison had on hand. Baskets hang out underneath for added storage. 

Putting the dresser in the closet opens up more space in this relatively small room. The dresser itself came from Walmart. Score!

Love the map above the bookshelf, complete with thrifted encyclopedias! Everything is super baby-friendly and stylish at the same time.  

The big block letters were another great DIY project that turned out to be a fun, playful addition and not babyish at all. 

I love a space that can make an easy transition from baby to toddler to older child, and I think this room for baby Rad will manage just fine. Even better, it was done on a budget with a few special pieces and lots of personal touches. 

So what do you think? Does this nursery design appeal to you or does it look too "grown-up"?

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