Pathetic Excuse for a Human Being Calls Baby 'Ugly' on National TV (VIDEO)

footy babyMy great-grandmother used to have a saying: "Every baby is beautiful, so where do all the ugly people come from?" Okay, she was a bit senile, but she had a point. Which is: All babies are beautiful. So for a grown man to call an 18-month-old baby girl "ugly" is both insensitive AND inaccurate. But that's exactly what a panelist on Australian rugby sportscast The Footy Show did -- and what's worse, he didn't even have permission to use the baby's photo on TV!

Apparently The Footy Show has a "Look-a-Likes" segment which compares viewer photos to pics of famous rugby players, and poor little Bella Richmond was mocked for her supposed resemblance to "league great and Channel 9 commentator Peter Sterling." After the panelist called her "ugly," of course. If you're wondering what sort of parents would send in a photo of their baby to be insulted on air, it turns out Bella's mom and dad, Melanie and Michael Richmond, didn't send it in at all! The Footy Show claims the pic was sent in by a "family friend" of the Richmond's who lifted the pic from Melanie's Facebook page.

"We are going to seek legal advice because they (Channel 9) still haven't gotten back to us. We were going to let it go but we can't. Someone has put our baby on TV. We want to get some feedback on what our legal options are now," said Michael.

I don't blame Bella's parents for wanting to throw the book at these buffoons (though I doubt they'll get any sort of settlement, unfortunately). As a mom, I would be furious if someone did this to one of my kids. Furious and disgusted and hurt. I'm disgusted that this happened to little Bella, and she's not even my daughter! Making fun of a defenseless, innocent baby? How mean can you get?!

Maybe next time the panelist from The Footy Show will stick to picking on somebody his own size.

What would you do if someone called your baby "ugly" on national TV?

Image via Channel Nine


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Vegeta Vegeta

Before I read the article, I looked at the picture and thought the baby was the man in the opposite picture. Kinda rude that they said it but the kid isn't cute. Some kids just aren't. I wasnt cute, grew up, still not cute lol. All that matters is what's inside.

tuffy... tuffymama

Some things are better left unsaid. That douche is no Wentworth Miller, himself. He's got that White Man Mask face going on.

bills... billsfan1104

Not all babies are beautiful. A friend of mine has an ugly baby, but I will just keep saying "how cute is he". He seriously has a face only a mom could love

twili... twilightsbella

Truth hurts sometimes but that baby is ugly. Not all babys are cute

nonmember avatar blue

NO, not all babies are beautoful. Not even all babies are easy to look at. A face only a momma could love, so to speak. Now, these are things you just don't say out loud. He was stupid for even saying it, but he's allowed to think the baby isn't cute. I and others, are also allowed to agree, but would not ever mock a baby!! What's MOST wrong, is that they used any images without consent. People should not make fun of babies, no matter what thoughts go through your head.

Nurse... Nursekelly1980

All babies are beautiful in their own way, and pictures don't always do them justice. It's just mean to make fun of a baby

Aeris... AerisKate

True, some babies are cuter than others...but it's still horrible to say something like this on t.v. As tuffymama said, some things are better left unsaid. Just because you think something doesn't mean you have to say it.

k18 k18

The kid's adorable. Guy's a big meanie.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

The baby isn't cute. At all. However I agree with the other commenters that this is something that is not said on television...much less without the parents' permission.

teddy... teddysmama09

I don't think the problem here is what was said (as distasteful as it was), the problem is they used a picture of a minor without her parent's permission on national television. That is a big deal as far as I'm concerned. Even if they were talking about how beautiful she was, they still had no right to put a picture of a child on TV without parental permission.

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