Mom Arrested After Baby Dies in Hot Car & Dad Is Left to Pick Up the Pieces

hot temperatureAs much as I love the spring, the spike in temperatures always gives me chills. I know what's coming: we're about to see a rash of "baby dies in hot car" stories in the news. That's just what happened in Texas the other day. A baby named Victoria Marks died in her mom's car, right outside the elementary school where Vibha Marks is a teacher. And now mom is under arrest.

That poor mother.

Heck. That poor father!

The man just lost his daughter, and the mother of his child is facing a charge of abandoning a child with serious bodily injury. The temperature on Friday in Dallas, Texas was 84 degrees. The temperature in that car? Likely much higher.

That little girl died tragically, and her dad's life was just turned upside down by someone who he should have been able to trust. 

I'd wager one of the hardest parts of being a co-parent with someone is letting go, allowing them to take control of certain aspects of your child's life. I trust my husband with our daughter implicitly, but ... I'll be the first to admit that I'm a control freak. He doesn't do things wrong so much as he doesn't do things the way I do them, and it's hard not to stick my nose in there.

Does he have her best interests at heart? Of course. Would he purposely do anything to put her in danger? Of course not. But I'm her mother, and as her mother, I worry about her. I worry about her even when she's with the only other person in this world who cares about her as much as I do.

This is what little Victoria Marks' dad has to deal with right now. Not only did he lose his child, but he lost his child when she was supposed to be under the care of the other person in the little girl's life who should have cared for her most.

Is there a way to forgive that? I really don't know.

If there is, he's a stronger man than I.

What are your thoughts on this case? Has your co-parent ever done something that made you feel like you couldn't trust them with your child?


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Mrscj... Mrscjones

I will never understand how someone's purse is more important than a child.

mande... manderspanders

Your "co-parent"? Seriously?  Politically correct bullshit strikes again.


MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

^ exactly my thoughts

nonmember avatar dana

I don't see mention of a purse... did I miss that? I can't understand how you would go inside anywhere without your kid if someone else wasn't with them. I've left my kid in the car while bringing in groceries, but all the doors were open and I alternated with my mom, one brought stuff in, the other waited. It was 50 degrees out.

nonmember avatar dana

I also find it extremely humorous that people are outraged by the word "co-parent" of everything in the article. What's offensive, using a term that includes same sex parenting? Get a life.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I'm never going to understand how someone forgets their child.

Caera Caera

Co-parent. Such bullshit.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Huh?! This article was written terribly.

Lynne Patrick could anyone in their right mind leave a baby in a hot car? I don't understand and that woman should have to suffer the same way the baby suffered. Lock her sorry butt in a car with the windows up and no way out, lets see how long she lasts!!!!

Faith Wyatt

Co-Parent can refer to parents that are divorced and have time sharing with the children. Divorced parents have co-parenting plans that outline the times, days and responsibilites of each parent. I speak from experience and I can say I totally do not trust my ex. If it wasn't for his wife my children would not be taken care of at all. One time he forgot his credit card at a self checkout at a store and because of that my children did not eat all day because he didn't have any money to buy food. The asshole's ego was so big that he wouldn't put his kids first and call me to help out.

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