9 Babysitter Horror Stories That Will Make You Never Want to Leave Your Kids

baby bottleSome people just aren't cut out for kids. And shockingly, some of these people have actually made a career (or at least a side gig) out of watching children! It's insane! As parents, of course we always want to provide our children with the absolute best care. But sometimes, we don't know any better!

It's happened to the best of us. We're in a bind and desperately need someone to watch our child. Be it because of a work commitment or a medical emergency, we simply can't watch our kids. So we call a babysitter (whose references we've checked!), and well, everything just goes to hell.

Check out these 9 babysitter horror stories that are actually true! You may never leave your child's side again!


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I caught the sitter watching porn.

I made the mistake of hiring a 13-year-old to watch my son when he was around 3. (She babysat for my neighbor all the time, I thought she was competent!) We were at a Seder when she called to complain that he wouldn’t stop crying and she didn’t know what to do. When we finally got home, we found some videos had gone missing. We checked the browser history and found she’d been online pretty much the entire time, and she was into some really weird, kinky stuff -- like Japanese anime porn! WTF! Oh -- and she walked out of the apartment with one of our phones and we had to call her mother to get it back!

The babysitter gave TMI.

My babysitter told the kids about the miscarriage she had. Um -- TMI!

No common sense.

My sitter put my daughter to bed without closing the blinds. When the sun rose first thing in the morning, guess what happened ...

My sitter judged me.

When I was getting my daughter ready for her monthly pediatrician appointment, the sitter looked at me and said: "I would never get my child vaccinated."

I was the clueless babysitter.

When I was younger, I babysat my neighbor. I just laid on the floor with horrible cramps the whole time while the kids played in the other room. The mom finally came upstairs and told me I could go home.

My sitter really screwed me.

My babysitter, who's been with me for over nine months and has showed up at the same time every day, showed up over two hours late, and said: "I wasn't sure what time I was supposed to come in." What?

My sitter questioned my parenting.

My daughter was going through a major separation anxiety phase, and whenever she saw me, she'd cry. Since I work from home sometimes, she caught a glimpse of me and lost it. Tugging at my feet, everything. So I picked her up and comforted her! The sitter snapped: "You better stop coddling her, or you're gonna create a real problem."

My sitter just ... didn't care. 

I ran out to the grocery store, and when I came back, the sitter was chatting on the phone downstairs while my daughter cried in her crib upstairs. I asked her what was going on, and she said: "I thought she'd go back to sleep, but clearly she's not. Have a good weekend!" And she left.

My babysitter thought my home was a movie theater.

I found out that my babysitter watched the entire Homeland series ... when she was supposed to be watching my kid!

Have you ever had a nightmare babysitter?

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