Mom Changes Her Baby's Diaper at Starbucks & Things Get Ugly (VIDEO)

StarbucksHere's a nice, heartwarming Mother's Day story for you! This Sunday, police got called to a Denver Starbucks after a baby being changed on the seating area situation turned ugly. Really?

The whole thing is a wee bit Jerry Springer, what with the name calling and the "hand gestures." Watch for yourself:

I particularly love the reenactment of the Venti coffee being thrown on the floor!

Little Thiago shall have some special Mother's Day memories, indeed! But all that classy drama aside, the basic problem here is that babies should NOT BE CHANGED in public eating areas. Full stop. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Come on, fellow moms. It's really not that hard to carry a portable changing pad with you. Simply place it on the floor of the bathroom, place the baby on the pad, and change your baby's diaper. Amazing! If you really can't stand the thought of your little snowflake being that close to the floor (and trust me, she'll be fine), then simply walk out to your car and do the deed on the backseat. Once done, return to your nice Starbucks and finish your coffee. You've earned it! (Don't have a car with you? Then bathroom floor it is!) In a couple of years, all this will be behind you, and you'll feel nostalgic for your jam-packed diaper bag. Honest.

When my own daughter was a bambina, I spent many a moment hovering in awkward positions in small, NYC bathrooms, fearing germs and cursing the fact that my hubby could get away with handing diaper duty over to me (because face it, men's rooms are always second best to women's when it comes to overall ick factor and therefore are a last resort), but just getting the job done so I could join the rest of the civilized people (and my glass of wine) back at our table. So can the rest of you.

"As a mother, you have to do what you have to do. Wherever you have to do it," says Burgos of her ordeal. Um, yes ... if you're talking about saving your child's LIFE or something. Not if you're talking about grossing out fellow customers with the sight of a dirty diaper!

Of COURSE places like Starbucks should have changing table in their bathrooms -- it's just bad marketing if they don't. But they don't OWE it to parents; if you're not happy with their bathrooms, let them know and/or stop going there. Simple as that. But changing your baby in an eating establishment does nothing but give us parents a bad name.

Do you think it's acceptable to change a baby in, say, a Starbucks?

Image via CherrySweetDeal/Flickr

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LadyC... LadyClaire

I can't believe a Starbucks wouldn't have a changing table!!!! I am sure that a large percentage of their clientele are Moms pushing babies in strollers...

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I HATE that men's rooms don't have changing stations. It sucked having to change two kids in a bathroom. Keeping an eye on one so they didn't touch anything while trying to keep an eye on the one you're just sucks. I've come across a few bathrooms that had no changing table whatsoever but I improvised. I'd lay down as much stuff as I had (my jacket, a blanket, the changing pad) on top of a shit ton of toilet paper and then I'd change my daughter. Not fun, but what else can you do. I would never change her in anything other than a bathroom, especially at a restaurant or a very public place. That's just disrespectful. 

zandh... zandhmom2

Disgusting to change a diaper in a seating area of a resturant! Seriously, how long are you sitting in a Starbucks that you HAVE to change a diaper there. Then to throw a hissy fit when they ask you to clean to chair! They should have taken the child out to the car or just go home.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

@zandhmom2...are you sure you have kids? Because any mom knows you could be somewhere for 5 seconds and have to change a diaper unless you are that person who likes to leave their kid in a dirty diaper.........that being said, moms go to Starbucks to catch up with friends and bring their kids (my kid LOVES Starbucks) not sure what you are confused about??? It stinks that they don't have changing tables, but I have changed my son more than once in a Starbucks bathroom...they are VERY NICE! I once had someone try to convince me that I could just change him at a table in a Mexican restaurant...I almost died! Just like we don't nurse where we pee, we don't pee where we eat...PERIOD!

Andrea Byrd Plate

That's so gross.  I've changed my daughter on sink counters, in the back of my SUV, in her stroller, on top of toilets, but I would NEVER change her where other people are eating and drinking (and having flown with her when she was in diapers, I count the cabins of airplanes in that category).  It's just unhygenic, not to mention rude and the height of entitlement.  C'mon, parents-it's things like this that make the militant childfree by choice out there call us breeders, and in this case I'd have to agree with them.

Kat Lyles

They were given a rag and asked to wipe down the seat. I am assuming the rag was dipped in sanitizer water. That's just proper protocol for a restaurant. Do these people not wipe down their changing table at home? Some people are disgusting and lack common sense and courtesy.

Angie... AngieHayes

Um, I think you would be a disgusting person to lay your baby on the floor of a bathroom, even if it was on a pad. Why would you do that when there are tables out in the sitting area. Straebucks has no changing station, so this Mom did the best she could. Are you people telling me you have never smelled the smell of shit and piss before? I guess all you must smell like roses.

carme... carmen1692

I never once even CONSIDERED changing my child in a public restaurant for all the world to see! I always figured it was common courtesy to go outside to your car. Or the bathroom. Heck once I even changed her in her carseat as a last resort.It was way too cold out and the restaurant we were at had no changing tables. So, I took her carseat and changed her inside the bathroom. It amazes me that woman have absolutely no problem just changing their child out in the open. Have some respect and decency for others. The whole world does NOT revolve around you!toddler tantrum

abra819 abra819

lay a mat on the bathroom floor. do not change a diaper in the fricking restaurant.

blunt... bluntcakes

Angiehayes, are you telling me you would welcome the penetrating smell of shit while you were enjoying your food? Believe me I don't smell like roses but that's the last scent I want to smell when I'm at an eatery. Would you stay in a restaurant that smelled like a toilet? Probably not!

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