Navy Dad Meeting Newborn for First Time Says Something His Wife Will Never Forget (VIDEO)

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In what has to be one of the most heartwarming military reunions ever -- a Navy dad met his newborn son for the first time after an eight-month deployment.

Lt. Michael Lemmons was one of 27 dads who were waiting to meet their babies when the USS John C. Stennis pulled into the Naval Station in Bremerton, Washington. Lucky for us, his reunion with his wife, kids, and precious new addition was captured on film.

And while every single military homecoming tugs at our heartstrings, this one goes one step further -- all because of a simple yet incredibly sweet and romantic comment Lt. Lemmons made to his wife after holding his baby boy.

Take a look at the video clip below to hear what he said. You'll be so envious of his wife. I promise.

OMG. "He's perfect. Thank you."

I know those are four tiny little words, but they hold more meaning than he probably ever imagined.

(Is this a gem-of-a-guy, or what?)

Let me ask you a question -- did your husband thank you after you gave birth?

Mine definitely didn't. Or if he did, I don't remember him saying it -- and that's the kind of thing a gal tends to recall after pushing a human being out of her body.

Hell, I didn't even get a push present, for crying out loud! I know, I know, there are more important things than gifts after you have a new baby, but still -- a small pat on the back would've been nice. (Or a nice piece of new bling.)

I think the closest thing I got to gratitude was, "You baked us a good baby, honey."

(Whatever that means.)

A simple "thank you" would've been much more meaningful, appreciated, and something I would've remembered for the rest of my life. But hey, at least Lt. Lemmons' wife got to experience a moment like that. (And she certainly deserves it after having her husband away from her for so long.)

Did you get a thank-you or push present after giving birth?


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MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

I got a thank you after each of my 4 births. Push present? Nah, those are stupid IMO.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

you got more than I did! My (now ex) husband won't even acknowledge that I am our child's mother...even though I have sole custody!

chech... chechimansmama

My baby did thank me after each one of our boys. It was so beautiful. He cried and prayed after each one also. One of the nurses told me wow.. he's a keeper

dearg76 dearg76

My husband told me the next day that he was in Awe of me, that I was wonderful and thank you for giving him the worlds most perfect child.

Did I mention how much I love him?

Cecily Perry

my husband brought me a whopper sandwich after our daughter was born even though 

Armyg... Armygirl2299703

I never heard a thank you. All I got was him going home afterwards instead of staying with us in the hospital and then him showing up drunk the next night after going out to celebrate what I did. Jerk. And 6 1/2yrs after her birth and I've not once heard a thank you from him on giving birth to such a beautiful daughter, whom will no doubt be his only child ever, but for the great job I'm doing raising her, the birthdays I plan, the gifts she used to get him before she made up her mind tat he wasn't worth it or anything. 'I'd never change it though, she's all mine and I love her and am so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl in my life.

Meredith H Callejas

My hubby actually did thank me, and told me that I was awesome. <3 I have an AirForce man myself. There's something about those military men.

Disso... Dissolutions

my DH at the time (now ex), did thank me. it really meant alot to me to hear it. 

Cheryl Byrne

I received a dozen pink roses after the birth of each of our daughters.

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