Every Drop of Your Breast Milk Is Medicine. Don't Waste It

breast milkLast week I was sitting at a table with my friend who is a doula and two mamas who had natural births. Over dinner, we were discussing breast milk. Wonderful, amazing, incredible breast milk. Great for babies, of course. It's sweet, we unanimously decided. And it cures everything.

Rashes, yeast, ear infections, pink eye, acne, cuts, diaper rash, sunburn, dry skin ... you name it. Wonder milk. Nature's cure made just by mama. It even kills 40 different types of cancer cells. It's amazing. We are amazing creatures for being able to make something that cures so much. Breast milk is medicine. And if you needed further proof, it was just discovered that it helps reverse antibiotic resistance and protects people from pneumonia and staph infections. Here we were for so many years throwing antibiotics at every little thing making the drug less effective, when we could have just done a few shot's of mama's milk and saved the antibiotics for when it's really needed.


It's all about the protein in breast milk. Researchers at the University of Buffalo believe it helps treat people with those nasty superbugs that cause pneumonia, MRSA, and staph infections. Plain old antibiotics don't always work because of years of overuse. That protein is called Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor Cells, or HAMLET. We make this protein, ladies. Liquid gold it certainly is.

They discovered this when treating mice who needed less antibiotics to treat their sicknesses when combined with breast milk. Anders Hakansson, lead researcher and a UB assistant professor of microbiology and immunology, said:

HAMLET has the potential to minimize the concentrations of antibiotics we need to use to fight infections, and enable us to use well-established antibiotics against resistant strains again.

Miracles. Breast milk kills tumor cells and bacteria. The list of amazing uses it has just grows and grows. And they are hoping could eventually be used on humans to help cure people. Lactating mamas should think twice about pumping and dumping. Save that breast milk for the next time you or an adult has a cold or virus. We should also do whatever we can to increase our supply. Maybe someday there will be breast milk drives just like there are blood drives. Fascinating.

What do you think of this revelation?


Image via shingleback/Flickr

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