Kids Who Haven't Been Vaccinated May Be Banned From Preschool

vaccinationI'm afraid we've become a society with too much fear -- a crippling fear -- that we alienate those with different beliefs than we have. And this belief I'm talking about specifically is vaccinations. No one wants to get sick (well, maybe those who are into lollipop parties are the exception). No one wants nearly eradicated diseases to creep back and hurt anyone. We don't have to get all crazy and start banning children who aren't vaccinated from attending child care centers and preschools, do we? Or should we?

The Sunday Telegraph and Daily Telegraph in Australia are launching their own pro-vax campaign called 'No jab, no play' with a nod from the medical association. The vaccination rates in the suburbs of Sydney and Manly are below 85 percent -- a high rate is considered 95 percent. The goal is to stop no-vax kids from entering child care facilities and preschools, and to punish their "free-riding" parents (their phrase) who refuse or forget to get their kids immunized. 

Dr Steve Hambleton told The Sunday Telegraph:

We need to lift the barriers, we need people to make an active decision to immunise because we have a responsibility to our children to protect them, and a responsibility to the community to contribute to herd immunity.

So what do we do here? Force vaccinations? Herd immunity is reportedly only fully effective if around 95 percent of the population is immunized. Is that even possible? What about the kids who really can't get certain vaccinations?

He goes on to say, "The free-riders will actually cause a disease to occur in vaccinated children whose parents did the responsible thing." Isn't that proof that our vaccinations aren't working? 

Last year in my small town, one of the kids at a private school contracted measles after a trip overseas. The child was in school, but sent home. The proper precautions were taken and no other child was affected. So should we add that we should never travel outside of our country to the list on how to best protect our kids from contracting anything? Where's the bubble? Do we need to stay indoors?!

My kids are vaccinated. But I'm not afraid to let them play with kids who haven't been fully immunized. Nor am I fearful of letting my kids play with kids who have runny noses either. Germs don't scare me. Some of the chemicals in hand sanitizers do. I don't believe we should keep our kids in Purell bottles.

This is about choice. Parents should be able to choose not to vaccinate their kids. And perhaps that choice should also apply to private schools, specifically preschools and child care centers. Maybe they should have the right to refuse kids who haven't been vaccinated if they so wish. Would all preschools do this? I don't think so. How would this affect communities? I'm not so sure, but I'm sure it would create a divide. Oh your kids attend that preschool ... some moms would say with uncertainly and fear in their voices when meeting families that attend the "conscientious objector" or no-vax school. Some are even calling to change the anti-vax conscientious objector tag with "vaccine refusers." That's certainly to the point. Is this discrimination? In their quest to create herd immunity, are they bullying the anti-vax crowd? It seems they are. And the divide gets even bigger.

What do you think? Should preschools be allowed to ban no-vax kids if they wish? Should they not allow any of the loopholes parents use when they don't vaccinate? Do you vax?


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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Not going to happen. Private school- sure. Public school- not a chance. They can not deny a child an education because of an allergy. Children with a severe reaction to their first shots are often advised to get no more. With those children still attending they also will not be able to deny children unvaccinated by choice. I think they should set a percentage of unvaccinated per school or per grade that they feel is acceptable and work within the district.

nonmember avatar blh

I don't get people who don't vaccinate. I just DON'T. People used to die all the time form these terrible diseases and they don't anymore bc of vaccines. Vaccines have saved so many lives. Do you really want to go back to a world with polio or smallpox or all the other illnesses?

katyq katyq

I dont want unvaxed kids getting my newborn sick or my grandparents sick. Lets not get into the morphology of a virus once it actively infects a person. Ill just state my belief that no one has the right to put society at risk because they are paranoid. Children who cant get vaxed for medical reasons are rare and they alone will not impact herd immunity so thats a total non issue and im not sure why people even mention it at all. And yes, vaccines DO many polio and chicken pox cases do you see these days? Tuberculosis? My husband grew up in Pakistan unvaxed and contracted TB. Not pleasant for any child.

nonmember avatar blh

To parents who don't vaccinate the only reason you're child is safe is because of the parents who are smart and responsible and do the right thing.

femal... femaleMIKE

I am for vaccinations.

What I don't understand is the rationale for not allowing unvaxed kids into schools.  In theory, the vaxed kids are protected, its the unvaxed who are at risk.  So why would they protect the vaxed kids from the unvaxed.  It makes my head spin.

femal... femaleMIKE

katyq, if your grandparents are vaxed, they should be safe?  newborns are different.  I have heard abotu the whooping cough outbreak in CA.  It was passed out by an unvaxed child who traveled to another country.  infants died.  So we should have some concern there.

LostS... LostSoul88

I think they should have a charter school for those parents who choose not to vax their kids. That way all unvax kids can be together and spreed whatever disease they may get around to each other rather then risk the kids who are vax  health. 

If kids who are unvax have their own school people can't bitch they are being denied education. They are just being denied being around vax kids for health reasons.  MOST of the unvax kids are because the parents are paranoid thing it causes autism even though its been proven over and over vaxs don't cause it. They think the government is lying... so yeah, paranoid 

nonmember avatar K

Considering I've watched my father suffer with pertussis and I've been exposed to TB, I think any parent who doesn't get a child vaccinated selfish and ignorant. Chicken pox I can understand being lax on, but things like polio, smallpox, pertussis and TB, diphtheria ect we need. I work at a hospital and there have been cases where we've taken children into custody of the state because they didn't get vaccinated and their parents refused all modern medicine.

I don't know if you've ever watched a three year old suffer from pertussis who had already been sick, but it's horrible.

PLUS they bring diseases into school for children who CAN'T get vaccinated for real reasons. It's so, so selfish and uneducated. We should be grateful for vaccines.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

There will ALWAYS be an exception for those who can't get shots for health reasons (read...they want 95% vaccinated)...and LEGIT religious reasons...but some people are just lazy or using false information! I don't want some ill-informed parent's kid coming to school with small pox!

Jespren Jespren

Since the failure rate on vaccines is significantly more than 5%, more like 20-30%, and they have a limited lifespan of efficacy, so 95% 'herd immunity' isn't even theoretically possible. Even if you could jab 100% of the population it would *still* be blow, well below, 95% immunity. Since non-vax kids (in the U.S.) account for well under 10% of the total population, if you are concerned about *your* vaccinated kid catching something they are already vaccinated again, your biggest fear should be the 20-30% of fully vaccinated kids which have no immunity to the disease, and who are far more likely to spead it since someone who thinks they 'can't' get a disease does not quarentine upon first signs of said disease. So, sure, make non-vax students stay separated from vaxed students, it's safer for the non-vaxed ones and maybe then medical science will have to actually develope something that works since they won't be able to explain a 30% failure rate on the rare unvaxed individual.

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