Military Dad Meets Baby for the First Time & His Reaction Brings Happy Tears (VIDEO)

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military dadWhen your baby is born, the first thing you want to do is just hold that baby. Look at her little eyes and lose yourself in the miracle you created. Now imagine if you were a dad-to-be and couldn't be there for the birth.

That's what happened to Navy engineer John Kaniecki, 23, who has been in the Persian Gulf since August. His wife was just about four months pregnant when he was deployed. Baby Jade was born in January. And on Tuesday, three months after her birth, the proud papa finally got to meet his baby. 

Kaniecki's face says it all. You can just see him melt the minute he saw his little girl. "She's so precious," he says and the happy tears start. "She looks so much like you," he softly tells his wife. What a beautiful moment. It was all captured at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport -- Kaniecki is from Western New York.

He told WIVB that he was one of those dads who showed everyone photos of his daughter while serving oversees. But photos are nothing compared to being with her in person. Jade's grandma Ellen Wanat said, "We've been waiting a long time for this. I'm just glad it's here. I haven't slept all night. So this is good." John's dad added, "He's been away for nine months now. So he did miss the birth of his child. It's the first time he gets to see her. So we're all pretty excited."

John only has a few weeks at home before he has to return to duty. Thank you for your service -- and thank you to all the sacrifices military families make. You are all heroes.

Did you get teary eyed watching this homecoming?

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nonmember avatar Chris


nonmember avatar Nicole

Aww that's sweet, the same thing happened me and my husband. Our daughter was 2 months old when he got to meet her at the airport, he was I Iraq for 18 months. it was a long time lol but its awesome to see there reactions.

Donna Cox Bowling

Wow! That was awesome! God bless this family and thank you for your service!!!

Dona Crow

Yes! Thank You for your Service to this Great Nation!

DKs-Kat DKs-Kat

My daugher was almost 9 months old before her dad got to see her. He was shipped off to spend a year in South Korea when I was 7 months along.  He made it home just 1 week before she turned 9 months.

Elizabeth Amaral

My husband and I had double the moment when he finally made it to the U.S. as a resident 2 years ago. I lived in Mexico, but decided to come back home at 3 months pregnant due to complications. He met our twins at 3 months old after a really rough pregnancy (our daughter has a kidney disease). Every time I look at our pictures of him meeting them in the airport I cry like a baby. We've since had another daughter who is 5 months old and he was able to be their for that one.

nonmember avatar Cheyenne

This was us exactly! 9 month deployment, 4 months along when he left. I think that's why I'm bawling like a little girl

Dusti McCarthy

I know the feeling. When I and my Ex were still married he was deployed while I finished out the rest of my pregnancy alone and without him. It wasn't easy either. Our daughter was born April 9 2003 and he returned in July 2003. Our homecoming was captured by the local news, I met him with cameras and a news crew at my side and a new baby when I finally "FOUND" him in a sea of random Soldiers and family members. It was great!!! Congrats to the happy family above and what a beautiful sweet memory this must be for them.

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