Hospital Turns Parents In to Cops When They Try to Get a Second Opinion on Their Baby's Illness (VIDEO)

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baby sammyUsually when you tell a doctor you want a second opinion, they support that choice. But one couple's baby was forcibly taken away from them after they sought a second opinion on their son's treatment! It sounds outrageous, but wait until you hear all the details. There's actually a justifiable reason why the police banged on their door and took their baby away -- but that doesn't mean it was the right thing for Child Protective Services to do.

Anna and Alex Nikolayev's 5-month-old baby Sammy was being treated in the ICU of Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento for a heart murmur and flu symptoms. According to Anna, the staff made a few mistakes along the lines of administering antibiotics their baby didn't need (yikes!). So when the doctors started talking heart surgery, the Nikolayevs were understandably like, WTF?!? But no one would listen to them! So they did what many other parents would do.

Since the doctors disagreed with Anna and Alex over getting a second opinion, and wouldn't discharge Sammy, they just took him out without a formal discharge. They went directly to another hospital, Kaiser Permanente. Meanwhile, Sutter called the police, who met the Nikolayevs at Kaiser. They decided Sammy was fine and getting the treatment he needed. Kaiser examined Sammy and decided he could go home. "I do not have concern for the safety of the child at home with his parents," the doctor's report said. The report was given to the police, who agreed to let the couple take their baby home.

So that's that, right? NOPE. The next day, police and CPS were on their doorstep, demanding to be let in. They took Sammy away and brought him back to Sutter. Anna and Alex were allowed to visit with their son for an hour the following day.

What do you think? Sounds pretty screwed up to me. I mean, obviously the parents should have gotten a proper discharge first. But since they're new to the U.S., they may not have realized what they were doing could get them into so much trouble. And honestly, how hard is it for CPS and the police to realize that these parents were just trying to get their baby the BEST CARE THEY COULD -- which is exactly what we want all parents to do!

Why does it seem like the wrong kids get taken away while kids who are in serious danger never get removed in time?

Anyway, there was a hearing yesterday, and the judge ordered the baby to be treated at Stanford Medical Center, and told the parents they have to follow doctors' orders now. And when Sammy is discharged, a social worker has to make regular visits to make sure everything is okay. Whatever! Everyone is just doing their job, but it's sad to see what happens when common sense gets thrown out the window. The person hurt the most from all of this is Sammy.

Do you think the Nikolayevs should have suffered this much grief for removing their son from the hospital without a formal discharge?


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miche... micheledo

How on earth do you get a 'proper discharge' if the doctor is refusing to giveyou one??? They went STRAIGHT to another hospital. This is absolutely ridiculous and charges should habe been dropped. They shouldn't be ordered to follow the doctor's advice.

LostS... LostSoul88

Hell no. I think the state took their rights away. Here in Utah this kid was told he had cancer and had to start treatments right away. The parents wanted a 2nd opinion and they got ti saying their child was fine. Well the first doctor that claimed he had cancer called the police and the parents fled to Idaho to avoid Utah CPS taking their child away. After battle in courts the parents finally won after it was proven the child didn't need the cancer treatment the so called doctor claimed he needed. 


IKnow... IKnow0101

I read about this case yesterday.  It's common knowledge that you need to seek a second and sometimes third opinion regarding medical care.  Sometimes various doctors will disagree on treatment plans so the parents/ adults have to make the best decision.  In this case I would leave also.  They were giving the baby antibiotics and the nurse wasn't sure why.  It's shame now that every move they make will now be monitor by CPS and if the parents even voice an opinion their child may be taken away again.

Stephanie Anne-Marie Mcdaniel

cps here in tn is scrwed up too. they will investigate people who are good parents but wont do shit about people beating their kids. smh.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

That is screwed up. This is just one more reason why I don't trust doctors. They went right to another hospital. They didnt take him home to let him die! They were searching for answers!

nonmember avatar Flabbergasted

Let's begin with Sutter being charged with false imprisonment of the baby (a.ka. kidnapping) and filing a false police report and/or CPS report. After criminal charges against the hospital and doctors, next comes the medical malpractice suit for administering unnecessary medication to a minor and failing to consult with the primary care givers (i.e., the parents).

Sammy was not in physical danger requiring immediate life saving care, nor were the parents outside of their rights to remove Sammy from Sutter's care at their discretion given the very normal circumstances. Sutter had no right to deny a formal discharge of the baby.

I hope the parents sent the Kaiser medical opinion to Sutter. I am not going to second guess the parents who were denied a discharge for Sammy. Sutter has to do the explaining.

Also, just in case readers are unaware, without a signed, written, properly filled out warrant (correct address, names, stated reason for issue) from a judge presented to you at the time of CPS or police visit, you do NOT have to allow police and/or CPS into your home. Just say "No, you are not permitted in my home. I am demanding that you to leave my property immediately. I am also calling legal counsel about this visit immediately." That's all folks. Bye bye, CPS and police.

schlis schlis

This makes me nervous about taking my children to a doctor or a hospital.

MamaC... MamaCatShively

I have a feeling that these people were bullied because no one expected them to do anything about it.  They were likely just expected to take the nice doctors word for it and be happy if they were really new to the US.  It is unthinkable that you would not let someone take their child to have a second opinion before starting an extreme treatment or treatment of any kind.  It makes me sad to hear they would do this and now these parents have to look over their shoulder every time they try to make a decision that effects their son.  Uncalled for!

Robin Hosler

I hope they have a lawyer filing a suit against Sutter for the mistakes they made. That important fact seem to have forgotten in all this. How can a hospital who makes more than one mistake in an infants care play God?!!

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