Twin Dad Takes Babywearing to Hilarious Level (VIDEO)

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twin dad moby wrap tutorialWatching twin dad Brian Rosenworcel struggle but eventually succeed at getting his babies securely in a moby wrap takes me back to those hazy early months of no sleep, learning how to juggle, and inadvertent bed head. Twins! They are wonderful and magical and amazing -- and they also make you do some strange things. Funny things. Things like Rosenworcel does with his twins Nico and Marshal.

Sure this video is disguised as a tutorial on how to put twins in a moby wrap -- not an easy feat as you will see from the several failed attempts. But it's also what this dad does after his little bundles are all tucked in safe.

I did it wrong. Cut!

Give me the other one. Mom!

*Twin almost falls out* Cut!

Twins should always be dressed identically forever.

And then they strut. To "Staying Alive." Classic.

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After doing a little googling, I discovered this dad was in the band Guster ... who I believe played a festival thrown at my college hosted by the radio station I worked at. I was involved in the planning. But I have twins, too, and therefore that means my memory is bad.

Nothing like parenthood (times two) to make us do some weirdly wonderful things. We can never lose our humor. Or our quirkiness.

What strange or funny things have you done since becoming a parent?


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miche... micheledo

Ha ha! They still didn't look that secure at the end. :) Though I am sure he has gotten better with practice. That was fun to watch. And he looked like a tired, frazzled new dad!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Haha!! That was really funny!

Jade_... Jade_Lufercus

I loved this. And I also loved how he walked to the store like he was in a daze. Stayin' Alive!

Bonnie J Carroll

OMG He needs to tighten that up A LOT, that was scaring me.

Louise Powers

I like that the crocks coordinated with the Moby. LOL

mamaxs4 mamaxs4

I about had a heart attack when he was trying to get the baby in the first time and almost drooped one...AHHH....but he seemed to get it there at the end and that was awesome that a dad was wearing his babies! You don't see that in my town!

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

Funny & very cute! Twins should always be dressed alike, FOREVER lmao.

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