8 Tips & Tricks for Making Sure Your Baby Eats Healthfully

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baby eatingAfter hearing Kristin Cavallari's easy healthy feeding tip -- one she swears by with her son, Camden -- I wish I'd heard something similar back when my son was an infant.

Sure, I gave him foods I thought were healthy, but they weren't always organic or 100 percent natural. I just figured if it was baby food, it had to be pretty decent -- being that it was made for an infant and all. (Boy, was I dumb.)

But apparently Kristin Cavallari is much smarter than I was. In a new interview with Coco Eco magazine, she says, "I don’t want to put anything on [Camden] which has chemicals, and so everything is organic. If you can’t pronounce the name, you should not be eating it."

Sure sounds simple enough. And it makes sense, too. (And now I'm kicking myself for not paying more attention to labels with my little guy. Fail.)

In addition to Kristin's words of wisdom, here are some other great rules of thumb to follow as far as making sure you feed your baby in the most healthy way possible goes.

Do: Make your own baby food -- if you really want to know what goes into your baby's food, the best thing you can do is forgo the jars altogether in favor of steaming, mashing, and pureeing fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Don't: Assume anything with the word "baby" stamped on it is automatically healthy for your child. Read each label thoroughly every single time. (That's where I went wrong.)

Do: Introduce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to expand your little one's palate. It's all well and good that he loves peaches. But you have to get him used to eating the green stuff too.

Don't: Rule out certain foods simply because they didn't go over well the first time. A baby's tastes can be acquired, just like ours.

Do: Buy organic if you are planning on using jarred food. At least that will cut down on some of the guesswork as far as choosing the right foods goes.

Don't: Assume your baby needs to finish a jar/bowl of solid food at every sitting. He will let you know when he's had enough.

Do: Introduce new foods one at a time, and then wait a few days in between to make sure no allergies are present.

Don't: Make faces of disgust when smelling and/or feeding a baby pureed or jarred food. They're not dumb -- if you turn your nose up to certain foods, there's a chance they will too. Keep feeding time positive.

Do you have any tips for getting babies to eat healthy?


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MESH FEEDER BAGS!! I <3 them so hard! it's so easy to give him new foods! He loves avacados.

nonmember avatar Theresa

As your child gets older and even when starting out, make sure he/she sees you eating the foods you want him/her to try. I grew up thinking raisins were gross because my mom didn't like them. Also, modeling good snacking and healthy eating habits will do more than shoving healthy snacks on your kids while you snack on chips. My son sees me reach for an apple when i want a snack instead of a muffin and it teaches him good choices. Same goes for liquids, the calories and sugar in juices add up.

Jessica Myers

We did all organic home made for my daughter. It was cheaper then store bought and here's the kicker... they tasted like real human food! LOL My daughter loved her baby food but wouldn't touch jarred store bought stuff. Now she had become more picky (toddler years) but she still prefers her veggies and fruit over junk. My kids think grapes are a treat, especially frozen (my daughter gets hers cut very small then frozen!) ones. I think I'm lucky though both of my children like their veggies and eat pretty well. I know people who wont even buy fruit and veggies because they feel its not important. Each to their own I guess.

nonmember avatar LJ

Baby-led Weaning! No purees at all. Just actual food. You have to wait til 6 months or later to start, but a baby isn't really ready to digest food before then anyway.

Andre... Andreamom001

Look into baby-led weaning.  All those fancy foods ar enot necessary--just a wste of money.  I made some of my own when my first was a babe and ened up dumping a bunch--he only ate baby food mush for a coupel months and was soon eating what I ate...it' spossible to skip the mush entirely (save money!).  I never gave ds2 any baby cereal, though he did have some purees for a bit, along with applesauce, smushed banana (WHY buy a puree of that????) and sweet potato.  He liked avocado sometimes, too.

Khadija Ortiz

I did not make food for my son. I used jarred food but with my daughter on the way I know I would like to make her food for her once she turns 6 months. It will be cheaper in the long run anyway and sounds healthier. I want what's best for my babies!


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