Reese Witherspoon Has 'Baby Brain' -- That Explains Everything!

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Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon's arrest for disorderly conduct during husband Jim Toth's DUI stop might have shocked a world convinced butter couldn't melt in the sweet actress' mouth, but it's starting to make sense now! Turns out baby Tennessee did a number on mama's brain!

The actress has gone mostly mute since the embarrassing "do you know my name" incident a few weeks back in Atlanta, but Red magazine has come out with an interview (likely done before the arrest) that seems to explain everything that went down.

Said Reese of her life since giving birth to Tennessee:

Ever since I had the baby, I can't remember anything. Serious, this child stole my brain. I'm losing friendships over forgetting to get back to people. But you can't keep up with everything.


She isn't a raving egomaniac after all! She's just a mom who sometimes loses it because her kid did a number on her ability to think, talk, and chew bubblegum at the same time!

Maybe it's because I -- and the rest of humanity -- have always liked Reese, but I buy this reason hook, line, and sinker.

Some moms will scoff at the baby brain excuse. Maybe they were a little addled during those sleepless weeks after the birth but got it together in a month or so.

Considering Reese gave birth to little Tennessee Toth back in September, they may say it's been too long to keep using that excuse. But just like losing baby weight is different for everyone, I've found that getting your brain back varies.

I feel what Reese is saying intensely. I gave birth nearly eight years ago, and I STILL think that some synapses simply do not fire the way they did before my body went through pregnancy. Could it just be aging? Maybe. But I saw such a distinct change after giving birth that I'm having a hard time letting go of the "baby brain" theory.

Scientists don't exactly help us out here. Some say that baby brain is most definitely a thing. Others tell us motherhood is good for the brain. And still more claim pregnancy and parenting have zero effect on the brain.

So who to believe? How about our own bodies? If Reese feels like motherhood is affecting her brain, I'm betting it is.

How about you? How long did you feel baby brain lasted?


Image via Red Magazine

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Leslie Pleasants

I am not sure... I think she possibly could still just be telling the cop that she is a star and that she should of gotten out of the ticket because of it (or her husband). Now she is trying to cover up her mistake by this. But I do still love her!!! I guess if I was a star I might've done the same thing. Shoot if I was married to a police officer and out with the girls i might do the same thing! HA! but then again I wouldn't let them drive drunk. ;)

lulou lulou

For me it simply was due to sleep deprivation.

nonmember avatar anonymous

After my fifth child I had a period where my body went crazy. This included physical pain and I also felt sluggish in the brain. I kept forgetting things, I'd go to the store and pick out the wrong products, stuff I'd been buying for years, but I'd somehow come home with the wrong ones. My husband would get mad at me and I couldn't make him understand that I wasn't purposely forgetting things-something just was not right! Thankfully it did go away(as mysteriously as it came). That said, I'm not sure why "Mommy brain" forced her to drink? Not seeing the connection there!!

vball... vbally101

Right, maybe she forgot who she was and was simply asking the policeman for help in remembering. Please. It has nothing to do with baby brain - she was acting entitled and rude. And I really like Reese Witherspoon on a normal basis, but please don't make lame excuses for her bad behaviour.

nonmember avatar Rory Gilmore

Considering she has already issued a statement admitting that she herself was drinking too much that night, and in her mugshot, she couldn't even keep her head up because she was so drunk, I'd blame her being completely drunk instead of mom brain.

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