Kris Jenner Cradling Her Baby Granddaughter Is a Softer, Gentler ... Wait, Is That REALLY Kris Jenner?

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kris jennerTo a lot of people, Kris Jenner has become synonymous with one thing -- pimping out her family in order to fatten her bank account. As harsh as that sounds, it's been hard to argue with over the years. Each of her children is like a walking billboard, with deals to promote just about every kind of brand imaginable. Well, her latest public appearance just may change the way you think about the seemingly money-hungry momager.

Kris was spotted at an airport in Athens, Greece doing something most of us have never seen her do before: be a loving, doting grandmother. It's actually an incredibly sweet, adorable moment. Not the kind of scene we typically associate with her. Not at all. Rather, we are used to seeing her harp on Khloe about her weight or her marriage; meddle in Kim's romantic life; and basically annoy the hell out of the rest of the family.

But this showed a softer, sweeter side to Kris. I imagine there were many more moments like this before she delved head-first into making her kids stars. The entire family was along for the trip, and while waiting for their flight, Kris toted little Penelope into the shops.

I suppose we shouldn't be totally shocked. She clearly loves her kids, it's just that fact gets muddled during all that wheeling and dealing. Kris is a sweet granny after all.

Are you surprised to see Kris in doting grandma mode?


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Nancy Hartwick

I like to believe that she takes time out her her busy schedule to enjoy those beautiful babies. I really try hard, every day to search for inherent good in everyone.

Venae Venae

Wow - a grandmother holding a grandbaby.  Fascinating.

SRB618 SRB618

I think its a photo opp, as if she was happily carrying her, then maybe the baby wouldn't look like she was slipping, and Kris would be smiling... but atleast the baby looks happy.

Linda Williams

No ofcourse not. She is a bit intrusive as a parent, but know doubt she loves her kids and Grand kids.

Mommi... MommietoJB

She doesnt look like shes enjoying her granddaughter. When grandmas hold their grandbabies they usually talk to them and look at them and of course they take off their sunglasses so the baby can see them.

Maias... MaiasMommy619 doesn't look like she is happy holding this pic at looks like she is thinking "I hope this kid doesn't throw up on my $1,000 shirt"

nonmember avatar Bj

Stranger things have happened within this family.

Michelle Zahrte

wow she is part human.. not newsworthy

Michelle Zahrte

maybe a photo op... they were in an airport

Barbara W Bate

Please, stop with these people.   Who cares!


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