Celine Dion's 2-Year-Old Son Wears Heels & Idiots Freak Out (VIDEO)

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celine dion son heelsSinger Celine Dion recently shared a photo of her son in heels, and wow, is it one of the cutest things ever to grace the Internet! Celine snapped a pic of her 2-year-old boy, Nelson, in a pair of her shoes, and it pretty much looks like they were made for him! I swear, this child rocks a black stiletto better than any woman I know. But, uh-oh, guys, a little boy in heels! What's going to happen?! Is he going to grow up to be a cross-dressing serial killer? Should we call the authorities? Or, at the very least, the fashion police?

I kid. Obviously. This child is stunning. And to be totally frank here, I kind of want that blazer. But just like people freaked out about J.Crew exec Jenna Lyons painting her son's toenails pink, they're freaking out about this. Because it's not conventional, and not what we're used to. But newsflash: A little boy wearing heels or pink nail polish will not "turn him gay". You don't "turn someone gay". And if Nelson does wind up being gay, who cares?!

I have an idea. The next time we see an adorable photo of a baby, why don't we all just think: Awww! Nothing more, nothing less. If it's a baby with a bottle: Awww!; not: Is that baby being fed formula? If it's a baby in a bed: Awww!; not: Is that baby cosleeping? And if it's an adorable little boy in heels: Awww! Because, I mean, seriously, Awww!

Parenting is exhausting enough. Do we really need to always turn it into a battle?

Do you feel judged as a mom? And, um, how cute is Celine Dion's little boy?

Image via ABC

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LostS... LostSoul88

My now 3 yr old loved dresing up in his sisters dresses and my heals and even liked having his nails and a dab of make-up when we was 2. He will not do any of them besides wear my heals. He likes the soundit makes on the kitchen floor. 

nonmember avatar April

Uh oh. I have a picture of my son when he was EIGHT wearing a pair of my high heels.

Irela... Ireland69

My boys use to put my shoes on and they laugh cause it made noise when they walked and i had some platform flip flops so they like those cause they made them taller and they use to put my husband boots on also, They use to like to picking my nail polish color cause the colors were pretty.  People need to chill! both boys are now  older and the two are not gay and if they were, they are still my kids and it's none of anybody business.  Let kids be kids !

LostS... LostSoul88

Lets hope that truthbytold is NOT a parent. Kids only become crack heads when they have parents like her/him/it

LostS... LostSoul88

I do have to say, many of those who believe in a god judge way more then anyone I know and aren't they taught by their god not to judge? 

nonmember avatar MammaMel

@truthbetold...the f*ck are you on? Little boys wearing their mommy's clothes is nothing new...and doesn't turn them gay or mess them up...it just means they were playing dress up with their mommy's clothes...if a girl plays baseball will she be gay? Geeze, please stop taking whatever drugs you are on, they are making you crazy. And that last sentence really offends me, because you are making Christian's look bat-sh*t-crazy.

Todd Vrancic

Our son is straight and he walks in heels better than either of his sisters.  Even if he were gay we would love him just the same, because that would be the LEAST important thing about him.  The MOST important things about kids and their characters are as follow:  kindness, honesty, compassion, a good work ethic, a positive outlook and a thirst for knowledge.  Who they want to pair up with does not matter as long as the person they pair up with makes them happy.

Irela... Ireland69

someone forgot to take their meds!

Katriena Young

He's too cute. Kids are only little for such a short time that you need to enjoy all thier funny ways.

@truthbetold- are you for real? I played with matchbox cars, G.I. Joes and nerf guns when I was little. I like Star Wars, Star Trek and Transformers. Does that make me a guy? No it doesn't. Everyone is different and perferct in thier own way.

nonmember avatar Callie

I just love Celine! She's so down to earth and real. I can't get over how DARLING little Nelson is! Really, all 3 of their son's are extraordinarily handsome. The high-heel shoe thing will fade. Nelson's currently facinated by the clunking sound they make when he walks. Most kids are. It'll pass.

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