Parents Had 2 Babies Die While Sleeping Because They Didn't Follow This Safety Advice

cribSadly, a 5-month-old baby boy died recently after being put to bed in an adult-sized bed with his twin sister. The boy was put to sleep on his back, but when his father found him in the morning, he was face-down underneath his sister. And making this god-awful story all the more tragic is the fact that this wasn't the first baby to die after sleeping in an adult-sized bed with others in the family. The little boy's half-brother passed away at 2 months old. He was found unresponsive in the morning after sharing a bed with his mother, father, and sister.

In both cases, there were a crib and a Pack 'n' Play found in the room the children were sleeping in, respectively. The crib was apparently broken in the case of the first boy who died. In both instances, evidence of smoking was found.

I can't imagine what these poor parents are going through. Losing a child is hands-down the worst thing in the entire world -- losing two? I honestly don't even know how they go on. So, in an effort reduce awful things like this from happening again and increase baby safety, here are seven rules for baby safe sleeping:

1. Don't put any blankets in crib with baby. God forbid, your baby could pull the blanket over his head and not know how to get it off.

2. Don't use bumpers in cribs. Doctors have been urging parents to avoid bumpers for a while now, but some people still use them. Deaths of babies from 1 month to 2 years have been attributed to suffocation when baby became wedged against a bumper or from strangulation by a bumper tie around the neck. Don't even use the mesh ones -- best to avoid altogether.

3. Avoid smoke. Keep your baby away from smoke as much as possible. If there's a smoker in the house, please have them go outside, as smoking has been linked to SIDS.

4. Place baby on her back. Always put your baby to sleep on her back, as placing babies on their stomachs also has been linked to SIDS. There will come a time when baby can roll over on her own, but until then, "back is best".

5. Keep the room cool. The recommended temperature for a baby's room is around 65-70 degrees.

6. If you're going to cosleep, never drink before bed. For obvious reasons.

7. If you're going to cosleep, make sure your bed is away from anything. There have been instances where babies have died from getting lodged in between the mattress and a piece of furniture. Move it away from anything, and as baby gets bigger, you may want to simply place the mattress on the floor.

Please spread the word.

How do you put your baby to sleep?


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Christina Mancuso-Henry

I co-slept in bed with both of my children and will with baby #3. It is not for everyone - you have to be very aware of your sleeping habits - but it works for us. It is a shame that these parents did not make better choices but it definitely does not reflect co-sleeping as a whole.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I agree ^ my daughter has slept with me since day 1 with no problems. But I do feel like if I already had 1 child die from circumstances stemming from co-sleeping, I probably would not try it again. I'm a very light sleeper and very aware of my daughter at all times but this family obviously was not in a situation where it was safe. There were too many people sleeping in one bed.

LostS... LostSoul88

my babies co-slept with him and slept on my chest. i never one rolled over

Julie Beam

I would never ever put any of my 4 kids in my bed! The Only thing thats in my babys bed is the baby!!!! When my now 7 year old turned 5 we broke down and give him a pillow. But i still find my self getting up every few hours to got check there rooms to make sure all is sleeping in a safe way....You just never no now days what can happen even when there sleeping!

nonmember avatar P. Ghómez

I co-slept with my son, but his daddy was not allowed in our bed. He used to work too many hours and was always tired so we were afraid he could harm the baby. So, daddy was in the room with us... in another bed.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I see co-sleeping but bed sharing is a no no. This is why. It doesn't matter who you are, aware or not a baby shouldn't be in bed with you. That is why they make devices to assist with co-sleeping. Not bed sharing. I feel bad for this family but at the same time they may never learn.

LadyM... LadyMinni

Co-sleeping isn't bad, but co-sleeping the wrong way can be dangerous. Parents have rolled over and smothered their children before, though thankfully not recently. I personally can't do it because I'm a very erratic sleeper who has kicked (literally, with my feet) a 170 pound man out of my bed onto his ass while sleeping. That's not safe for babies. For me the best alternative is to have Fiona and James in a crib in the same room; next to the bed, but not in it.

Ashle... AshleyD324

I co-slept with my 21 month old up until about a week ago, when I put him in a toddler bed. My 4 month old sleeps in his crib because as a mother of two now, I feel that I'm too tired at night and will roll on him. Co-sleeping isn't for everyone and I agree that you have to do it responsibly. I would love to have my baby sleep with me in the bed, but it's not worth a possible death.

Katy Khan

I love co sleeping so much but I think you're totally missing something here, you don't put a baby in a bed with other babies or with other "people". A mother has the instinct to wake up for baby, little brother does not.

nonmember avatar Jenna

I have a friend who's 4 month old died while napping in his car-seat on top of a running dryer. I know it wasn't intentional, and I can't imagine her grief. But I just can't help feeling like she should have known better. Is that awful?

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