Little Girl Born With Half a Heart Beats the Odds Like Her Mother Knew She Would

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heartImagine being told your baby has a 50/50 chance of surviving a rare, life-threatening condition. I kind of can't imagine it, because every time I try, I get a lump in my throat and feel like I'm going to hyperventilate. But 20-year-old Rebecca Turner, god love her, showed remarkable courage when her daughter Scarlett was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (which means the left side of her heart didn't develop during Rebecca's pregnancy). Doctors gave the young mom the option to terminate when the defect was discovered at her 20-week scan, but Turner refused. Instead of seeing her daughter's heart as half-empty, she saw it half-full.

And sure enough, at just a few days old, Scarlett made it through a seven-and-a-half-hour surgery to get an artificial tube; at 8 months, she endured an eight-and-a-half-hour surgery to attach a vein from her neck to her heart. Now, at 9 months old, she's not just surviving -- she's thriving! Says Rebecca:

“She’s a little fighter. When I hold her now I just can’t believe how healthy and happy she is. She’s my miracle baby.

Scarlett is a fighter for sure, but as a mom, I'm really impressed by Rebecca's strength. Both times I was pregnant (especially with the first), I lived in fear, terrified my babies wouldn't be born healthy. (Honestly, I sort of blame What to Expect When You're Expecting.) A 50/50 chance of survival? I think I would have lost my mind when the doctor gave me that news. But Rebecca did the opposite, and it quite literally saved her daughter's life.

Do you know anyone with a baby who beat the odds?


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Vegeta Vegeta

It's great that she's alive. I'm just not a fan of people having kids, full well knowing that they're going to have to have several major surgeries right after theyre born. Probably going to have more medical issues and surgeries throughout her life.

nonmember avatar Beth

Apparently, Vegeta, you ARE a fan of murder. How thoughful of you. She's a blessing to her mom and I am sure Scarlett will feel blessed one day to have been given a chance at life. So glad she wasn't your child!

Vegeta Vegeta

Hmm I skimmed my comment and I don't see any murders in there. Glad you're a fan of making little baby's suffer.

nonmember avatar Beth

So I need to spell it out for you? If you are not a fan of people having babies that will need surgeries, what is the solution to this woman's situation? *Answer: aborting the baby that was alive inside her... which is murder. Say your child has terminal cancer, you gonna kill that child now so they don't have to suffer? Same EXACT thing! It's unbelievable to me the lack of respect for life. Every life has purpose and meaning....whether YOU say so or not!

nonmember avatar Al

If only you had a chance to meet y son, who was also born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He is eleven months old, he can walk, throw a ball, he plays with our dogs, smiles all of the time, loves Mickey Mouse and is the happiest kid I've ever met. You'd never know he has already had two open heart surgeries. The thought of living without him just because he needs surgery, to me, is upsetting and absurd. I'm glad and lucky that he is my baby boy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. His quality of life is not affected by this disorder and I knew from the moment he was diagnosed that he deserved a chance. Not one regret, not ever.

Vegeta Vegeta

Well since the law as it stands now says abortion isn't murder, your comment and your high horse are erroneous. If my kid was definitely going to be born with serious defects that caused it immense pain and suffering I wouldn't be incredibly selfish and force it to live through pain and trauma. Surgery to fix something minor is fine but several open head or chest surgerys right after being born is inhumane torture caused by selfish parents. I'd rather die peacefully then live a short life suffering because my parents decided to let me.

Crystal Dawn

Inhuman torture? Selfish parents? And do you even really realize what you are talking about? Though the answer is a pretty clear no on that. You are assuming the child would have a short life, you are assuming they would be miserable their whole life, in pain their whole life and you are the one who is in error. I admire any parent who selflessly gives their child every chance they can at life. They are not selfish...they are brave, strong people who endure a roller coaster of emotions and sleepless nights for their child. Do some of the babies die? Of course they do sadly, but many of them live and many of them go on to have normal lives. And I am more then sure every single one of those kids that did live are more then glad to be alive.

nonmember avatar Christina

Vegeta – I’m glad that you are against having babies and such, because it takes a compassionate, caring person to be a parent. YOU are just the opposite! My son had open heart surgery at 7 days old due to a congenital heart defect. I am sure that he will be very thankful one day that I chose to fight for him and didn’t take the easy way out and abort him. These little babies are resilient and yes, what they go through is painful, but they recover quickly and live a beautiful life! There is a reason why we have doctors and advancements in medicine. What you are showing here is that you are a weak person! Heaven forbid you ever have to be faced with a life or death situation… I can already tell which way you would go…. You are a quitter!! A very weak and sad person!!

nonmember avatar Christina

Oh, I see that you do have children. I do feel very sorry for them! Hopefully they never face a life threatening illness as a child. It appears as you have already made your choice and you would refuse treatment so they didn't have to suffer.

momma... momma2liamf

This is some one's child you are talking about murdering. And don't tell me it's not a little person in there. At 20 weeks when these babies are usually diagnosed, I could feel my son move, I could feel him hiccup, I got to see him suck his thumb and play with the umbilical chord. Just because they are small, tucked away, and a doctor is saying they will suffer does NOT mean that they can just be killed and thrown away like they don't matter. We all suffer at some point, does that mean we should be killed to save us the trouble? It is definitely harder to see babies undergo surgeries and pain, I understand that. To see the baby you love more than the world in pain and not be able to do anything, is the most terrible thing a parent can go through. Do NOT call them selfish because they chose to give their child a chance to experience joy, love, friendship, and all the wonderful things that come with living. No baby is a mistake.

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