New Baby Helps Mom Deal With the Tragic Loss of Her 3 Little Girls (VIDEO)

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Jackie HanceIn July of 2009, when four kids were killed in a horrific car crash on New York's Taconic Parkway, I couldn't imagine how their parents would ever get past it. How do you rebuild from the loss of a child? How do you parent again? Would you even want to? Jackie Hance and husband Warren have decided they want to, and the decision to have a baby after losing their three daughters has saved their lives. 

The Hances' daughters died that summer day, along with the girls' aunt, Diane Schuler, who was driving the wrong way on the highway, and Schuler's own daughter, Erin. Their lives were destroyed.

But then came their fourth daughter, Kasey Rose.

I have to admit I was surprised when I heard the couple had decided to go through fertility treatments to get pregnant (Jackie had her tubes tied after the birth of their third daughter ... at the time, she thought she was done). Among the hardest hurdles for me to mount in deciding to stop at one child was what life would be like should anything ever happen to my daughter.

And yet, I remember what life was like after my daughter was born. Having a baby in the house changed me. I'd just come off a miserable pregnancy, and I was suffering from postpartum depression, but there's no doubt she made me want to be better.

I wanted to fight my way through everything I had going on, because I wanted to give her the mom she deserved.

It sounds like the Hance's new little miracle did the same for them. Becoming parents again brought the Hances "back to life," Jackie said. As Warren told Today:

It just gives you a meaning again. When you lose everything and then you get something to hold onto, there's really no way to be able to describe it.

I think he did a great job of describing it, actually. It's hard to look at a baby, adorable and helpless at the same time, and not feel something. These little people are so demanding of your attention and your love, you don't have much time to think of yourself.

Parenting a baby may not be an accepted form of therapy, but trust me, it's a real one!

Watch the Hances' powerful confession:

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Has your baby helped you get through a rough time?


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nonmember avatar Justmebee

Fear of loss is why I never wanted children. Then I had an unplanned pregnancy and had my daughter and now I don't know what I'd do without her. I commend these parents for finding the strength to move forward.

Laquinta Williams

Yes I grew up in a drug house most of my childhood and teens, my grandmother who was my favorite person in the world and the only one who really loved me, passed away when I was 14, my life as far as I was concerned was dead and I did not care what happened to me or anyone in my path for that matter, shortly after my grandmother died I became pregnant with my son, I was 14 and in 9th grade, I ignored my pregnancy as if it would just go away or disappear, needless to say it didn't and 9 months later I had a beautiful baby boy, I cannot say what that baby did to me, for me or for my life and future but he gave me a purpose on this earth and I truly believe children are a gift from GOD, he saved my life and everything I am or has become is all because of that little miracle, my son is now 20 and he is still an inspiration to me everyday as well as my other 2 children. Kids are miracles that come in bundles of happiness that give us purpose in life, I could never imagine my life without them and I don't remember my sad, unstable life before them. If you have a child or children you are blessed and you have a responsibility and a duty to do right by them!

Lana Jefferys

They could also adopt and share that love they would have given to those girls to another child who desperately needs it.

MammaSam MammaSam

I think that's kinda crappy actually. They are likely to be overbearing, over protective, and paranoid with this one. Maybe not, but I can't imagine me not beig paranoid after losing my other children.

nonmember avatar carolyn sims

I hope that you can be very happy with your new babyand yes children are left to usI hope that you can be very happy take it from someone who knows my life has never been thisgod bless you and good luck my prayers are with you

nonmember avatar Jodi

Twelve days after my boyfriend of three years left our relationship with no explanation, I realized I was pregnant. I told him, but he wanted no part of it.
Two months later, my brother-in-law died unexpectedly of complications related to Diabetes.
Four months later, we learned my father had cancer again.
One month later, I was holding my dad's hand when he breathed his last breath.
One month later, I delivered my son via c-section, and named him after my dad.
My mother smiles when she sees him. She and my dad had been married for 58 years and his loss was devastating.
My older son adores his baby brother and my family and I hold him close and shower him with love and kisses and hugs because without him, the pain of losing so much so quickly would be unbearable.
Baby Jack's smile and giggles light up the room and my soul. My children give me a reason to always be strong and to always move forward.

Rosas... RosasMummy

if I lost my daughter I don't think I would try for another baby. I can't imagine what I would do, and I can completely see why people do that and think I would be tempted to, but there is the danger that you're just trying to replace what you lost and obviously that won't happen they will be a completely new and different child so I don't know.

Robcat21 Robcat21

When I lost my oldest son six years ago (I cannot believe it's been that long!), my other children made me get out of bed every day. I had to be their mom and I kept thinking what an ugly legacy of my son's memory if I just give into how much pain John's loss was. If I lost all of them, I can't imagine wanting to go on. Once you're "Mom", you're always a Mom. I would want another child, not to replace the lost children, but to add to the family. And, since we lost John, we have had another baby and he is a blessing! My prayers are with this family.

Terri Rank-Spence

Three years after my 17 year old daughter Kelli Jo was killed, my 2nd daughter Kimmi Lee (also now deceased) gave birth to my 1st. grandaughter Ashley Kelli Lee on Kelli,s birthday. This joyous occasion brought back some happiness to my family.

nonmember avatar magda martinez

It was desvasted when my husband pass away, them i centered my life into rise my younguest daughter (i have 3 sons much older ) .It was very helpful ,it was a blessing.

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