9 Newborn Essentials Every Mom Needs

Adriana Velez | Apr 18, 2013 Baby
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You're expecting a baby -- and there's so much to do! What exactly do you need? Well, it's a pretty long list, but here's a few essentials to get started.

This list of newborn essentials doesn't include clothes, which is a whole 'nother shopping trip. But if you're working on your baby registry, start with these nine items.

  • Glider or Rocker


    Rocking your baby to sleep is one of the great pleasures -- and it often works! Some people prefer a quiet glider, but a rocker is easier to keep around after your babies are all grown.

  • Swaddling Blankets


    Swaddling blankets should be simple, cotton, and free of embellishments, which can get caught. And you cannot have too many of these! The work great for cleaning up spit-up in an emergency, too.

  • Nursing Pillow


    One of these half donut-shaped nursing pillows will save you a world of neck and shoulder strain. Most come with a removable cover you can throw in the washing machine.

  • Nipple Cream


    If you're nursing, you need nipple cream. It can save you from cracked nipples, especially in the beginning -- total life-saver.  We Lansinoh -- it's kind of expensive, but it's soooo worth it. And it lasts forever. And you can use it as lip balm and hand cream.

  • Wash Cloths


    Babies are MESSY! You need wash cloths -- loads of them. When my son was a newborn I used wet washcloths intead of wet wipes to clean his diaper area to protect his delicate skin (soap is drying). But besides that, babies are just a never-ending stream of fluids. You're always cleaning something.

  • Changing Pad


    I definitely think you can live without a changing table. It's easier and safer to just change on the floor. But you definitely need something under your baby -- a changing pad, one you can carry with you and clean easily.

  • Baby Carrier


    What are you going to tote your baby around in? Could be a Baby Bjorn, an Ergo carrier, a sling, or a wrap. Pick something, because your arms get tired, and sometimes you need both hands.

  • Diaper Bag


    Diaper bags come in all different shapes and sizes. Heck, a paper bag would do the trick. But if you plan on leaving the house, ever, you do need something to carry a change of diapers, and possibly bottles, clean baby clothes, wipes, and toys.

  • A Place to Sleep


    Where is your baby sleeping? You may start with a basinet, or a Moses basket and later move onto the crib. Even if you decide to co-sleep, it's helpful -- and safe -- to have a co-sleeper or a barrier to keep baby from rolling out of bed.

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