11 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Crying

crying babyOne of the most difficult parts of being a parent is trying to calm a crying baby -- especially when you have no idea what is upsetting him.

Sure, there are the obvious reasons why babies cry -- hunger, thirst, a wet or dirty diaper, being too hot or cold, or because they're sick or have gas bubbles in their little tummies.

But every mom and dad has those frustrating times when the above reasons are not the cause of baby's tears, and we all know just how difficult it can be to get to the root of the issue when you've checked the main crying triggers over and over again.


Babies are complex little individuals, and there are actually quite a few less easy-to-recognize reasons for their sad demeanor.

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Here are 11 reasons your baby might be crying that you may want to investigate further if his diaper's changed, he's fed, and appears to be totally fine otherwise.

  1. He has a headache -- Believe it or not, a new study suggests that colicky babies could be experiencing an "early manifestation of migraines." Isn't that so sad? Your baby might be screaming his head off because his poor little head is throbbing.
  2. Growing pains -- If your little one is in the middle of a growth spurt, aches and pains can come as a result of his developing body.
  3. He's bored -- It's rough being a baby, and sometimes he's just not interested in whatever you happen to be doing with him. This would explain why some infants seem to calm down when you get up off the couch and walk around with them.
  4. He's frustrated -- Poor little guy can't tell you what he wants or what is bothering him, which has to be a real drag. Can you blame him for bursting into tears?
  5. He's stressed or senses that you are stressed -- Face it, nobody likes stress, no matter how young they are. If there's tension in the house, it could be rubbing off onto your baby, which may make him cry.
  6. Over-stimulation -- You know how sometimes there is so much noise and/or distractions around you that you just want to scream? Yeah, babies feel the same way if there's too much going on in their world. Try moving to a quiet room to see if he calms down.
  7. It's one of his "tricks" -- Or at least this is what my pediatrician used to tell me. Babies cry. They just do. And sometimes they cry because it's all they know how to do.
  8. He's in a bad mood -- We get in bad moods, so why shouldn't babies be expected to do the same? Sometimes your baby may cry simply because he's pissed. (Makes sense, right?)
  9. He wants love -- Duh, he may be a baby, but he's not dumb. He knows that if he starts crying, odds are good you'll pick him up and snuggle him and shower him with affection.
  10. He misses you -- You are your baby's world, so he may start to fuss if you move out of his general vicinity at any given time. (Aww.)
  11. He's uncomfortable -- You know how awful it is when you eat a big meal and your jeans cut into your waist? Babies can feel just as constricted in clothing as we do, so check and make sure that nothing is too tight or pinching his skin.

Other than obvious reasons, what usually makes your baby cry?


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