5 Songs That Will Make Your Baby Smarter, Happier & Healthier

newbornA recent study shows that when parents sing to their premature babies, there's a medical benefit! Amazing -- but not totally surprising: It just seems intuitive that a soothing connection like a song sung by baby's mama or daddy would be good for her, doesn't it?

Researchers studying babies in the NICU found music therapy was associated with lowered heart rates, improved sleep and sucking behavior, and even better feeding. I have my own theory that this extends to any baby, premature or not! There's something so right about singing to your brand new little person. One of my favorite "lullabies" for my daughter was a beautiful, sweet song I learned to sing (not that well!) by singing along with Paul McCartney.

Here's that song, and more that a baby would love to hear:


Image via OAbe/Flickr


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