Snooki Is a Poster Child for Why You Can't Skip Breastfeeding Just to Save Your Breasts

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SnookiHeard the warning that breastfeeding will change your boobs forever and decided you don't want to take that chance? You might want to listen to what Snooki has to say first. Yes, THAT Snooki.

Nicole Polizzi may not be who most moms first think of when it comes to parenting advice, but the Jersey Shore star has come a long way since her son came into the world last fall -- if nothing else, she's learned from experience. And according to her experience, even nursing alternatives will harm the girls.

See, Snooki has been more than open about the fact that she has breastfed little Lorenzo the "hard way," pumping her milk so her little guy can drink it straight out of a bottle. It's not nursing in a traditional sense, but it still affected her breasts.

Talking about the effect motherhood has had on her body, Snooki recently said her tummy is getting more toned -- she expects crunches will help with the remaining flappy skin issues -- but there is one body part she'd like to get some help with:

If I were to get any surgery -- I've never been under the knife before, so it's very terrifying -- I do want to get my boobs done eventually. Now they're just a flap of skin.

I hear you Snooki!

I tried -- and ultimately failed -- at breastfeeding myself, and I experienced a major change in my breasts too. It's merely anecdotal, but from my experience, it seems like it was pregnancy that changed them ... not breastfeeding itself. If I hadn't tried at all, here's betting they'd still be uneven (which is what happened to me post-baby).

So much for protecting your boobs by not breastfeeding, huh?

Did you consider not breastfeeding because of what it could do to your body? What did you decide in the end?

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Amanda Thomas

I breastfeed my 2.5 year old "straight from the tap".  And ever since my milk regulated my husband has said "they lost all their stuffing".  It's a shame...I've always had big, full breasts but now they're less to be desired.

But I thought it didn't matter if you BFed, EPed, or FFed your baby: most of the times your breasts change with pregnancy and will not go back to what they were previously.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

It has been proven, many times, that breastfeeding isn't what causes your breasts to change. It has more to do with genetics and pregnancy itself. *sigh*

And besides... who in their right mind would think there would be a difference in how your breasts sag when you pump versus actually letting the baby do the work? If you've ever pumped, you know there is SO much more pull on your entire breast than when the baby does the work. Either way, your breasts are still being filled with milk, emptied, and refilled with milk again. *shakes head* It doesn't matter HOW it comes out.

Jeanne- you are leading people down a road of stupidity here.

Hannah Short

I breastfed for 7 months and my breasts are their usual DDDs they were before. I guess I'm lucky? I didn't have any "deflating" issues. lol I'm still not entirely convinced it's not in people's heads that their boobs have changed all that much after breastfeeding. I mean your boobs are bigger during breastfeeding but they shouldn't be smaller when you're done than they were before you started.  

there... theresaphilly

I did not breastfeed, I like them nice and perky!

lobus lobus

Yeah they are a bit more saggy. I pumped a lot with my first and because of overproduction they often resembled a porn stars boobs which my husband liked but now baby number two exclusively breastfeeds no bottles and they seem droopy to me but my husband still loves em. I would never not breastfeed just to keep my tits perky how shallow. They're gonna go down the drain eventually anyway. With exercise they get better but no I will never have my teenage tits again oh well.

nonmember avatar dana

I BF, I was a G cup before and I'm still, unfortunately a G cup. I was HOPING for the deflation. PRAYING. Blugh. Once I'm done popping out kids I'm probably going to get a tummy tuck and a breast reduction. Why not?

nonmember avatar Lisa

I can't help but think that NOT breastfeeding would cause more changes. Whether you nurse or not, your milk WILL come in. If you're breastfeeding, you regularly relieve that pressure. I've never tried to get my milk to dry up but I've heard really awful tales about huge, rock-hard breasts. Seems pushing them to such an extremely full point could possibly do some damage.

aeneva aeneva

It is not anecdotal that you did not breastfeed and they still changed.  Pregnancy and the hormones associated with it are the major factor in changing the breasts.  As for some women getting it worse then others that is genetics.  There are numerous studies to back that up.  If you get pregnant your breasts are going to change plain and simple how much is dependant on your genes.

Madam... MadameGarlic

My kids were close together, so i was breastfeeding for about 5 years straight. My breasts always were large and a little saggy, and they became more saggy after breastfeeding, but now, many years later, they are pretty much back to the way they were before I had had kids. You go figure. Anyway, even if they had been really affected by breast feeding, I don't think it would have bugged me too much. Life goes on.

nonmember avatar Kris

PREGNANCY changes your breasts, not breastfeeding :)

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