‘Reasons My Son Is Crying’ Blog Will Make You Howl (With Laughter)

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reasons my son is cryingJust in case you haven't already seen the most hilarious parenting Tumblr happening right now, please do yourself a favor and check this out. Reasons My Son Is Crying. It's photo after photo of dad Greg Pembroke's 20-month-old son crying, and the reasons why.

And all those reasons make SO MUCH SENSE! Like "He's in the largest toy store in America." Yeah, that would be horrible. "We let him put on the boots he loves to wear." That sucks! "It took me more than 0 seconds to take his shirt off." You monster. "He threw his dinner plate on the ground. Now he wants to eat dinner." Why didn't you have a second plate full of food waiting for him?!? Does any of this sound familiar, parents?!?

Oh yeah, all of it. Babies -- they're so irrational! Always wanting to drink their bath water and wishing you'd given them milk instead of juice. They're kind of crazy-making, right? Caring for a baby or toddler is like being the personal assistant to the rudest, most narcissistic, most whim-driven, most ungrateful celebrity imaginable.

You put the milk in the wrong cup! The slide is not slippery enough! You broke his cheese in half!

But here's the miracle of parenting. We can look at all these photos and captions and laugh. Any sane person would respond to this madness by just quitting in a fit of furious outrage. But you? As exasperated as you are by your child's insanity, you still think your baby is cute. You still love him. You're still going to show up, day after day, to take more of his abuse.

Maybe we're the crazy ones? Anyway, my absolute favorite is this one: I have no idea why my son is crying. Yeah, it's like that.

Do you ever laugh when your kids are crying?


Image via Reasons My Son Is Crying

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lobus lobus

That's funny but it makes me glad my son hardly ever cries. Like ever. He could fall flat on his face and get up without a tear.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Too funny. I do hope they get him buckled up more safely though. Heavy winter coats and car seats don't mix.

nonmember avatar blue

I did laugh pretty hard, but do toddlers really throw fits that much? I mean, my child would be getting a time out, not a picture. I guess I"m just lucky, that he doesn't cry all the time.

MammaSam MammaSam

Lol funny stuff. :)

jrphelps jrphelps

I gave my almost 2 year old a quick shower before bed last night because there was not time for a bath.  He usually HATES showers.  Last night he decided he loved it & stomped & cried when I turned the shower off!

Jamie Wicker

Some toddlers do! A 20 month old is still a baby. My son will be 2 in June, and he isn't whiny over falls or anything, but he will cry at the most asinine things...

Tiffany Emerald

i laugh hard. my kids cry is the funniest thing if it again legit

nonmember avatar Sareena

I looked at it and it sounds to me like he has a very spoiled brat on his hands. That is some of the most ridiculous reasons to be crying. Time to start teaching your child about appreciation. And do not give me "he is too young" crap because you my friend, have a spoiled brat!

KarieAnn Rainzuk

I guess because my kids are now adults and I dont have to deal with it any more, I laughed so hard!!!!

Jamie Diamond-Wetherald

babies are irrational and yes when they get older discipline is necessary....however when they are babies they just don't understand life the way us adults do and i have 2 girls age 9 and 5 and i have a 3 month old son.....and you know what the older one's have out grown that stage and are now respectful young ladies (they give me a hard time every now and again) but with the baby i will be going through some of the crazy soon! But children are a blessing and a HUGE responsibilty, so yes i have taken pictures of my kids when throwing a fit .... don't judge me or anyone else for that matter because you don't know what is truly going on!

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