Dad Climbs Into Baby’s Crib & Takes Co-Sleeping Way Too Far (VIDEO)

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crib sharingWe know there are many benefits of co-sleeping. Happy babies, happy parents, happy planet! Co-sleeping can be a rewarding family practice, but you have to do it the right way

This? This is not how you co-sleep. And it's not how you sleep-train, either. I don't know what you would even call this. Some completely whacked-out, bananas kind of co-sleep-training only a dad would come up with? Parents. Do not do this.

Dr. Sears would say no. The American Academy of Pediatrics would say Shut It Down, Son. You would totally lose your parenting license. But if you absolutely insist on crib-sharing (There! That's what you call it), here are some important tips.

1. Reinforce the crib so it can support your weight. These things definitely aren't made to hold an adult.

2. Try and get the baby to fall asleep cuddled next to you, rather than letting her use your chest as a mattress.

3. Failing that, try cutting out the front of a sweater and laying it on top of your shirt. That way, when the baby is asleep, you just slide out from under your sweater dickie.

4. Wait longer for your baby to fall asleep. Don't try to escape so quickly.

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5. Install a crane to lift you out of the crib. Because let's face it, there's just not enough room in there to manoeuvre and we know you're going to wake your baby climbing out. You'll probably also fall and make a racket.

6. Get a remote control for the crane because obviously you can't operate it from the crib.

7. Never, ever tell your wife what you're up to. She will not be okay with any of this.

Disclaimer: We are totally joking about this. Do not crib-share. Or co-crib. Or whatever you call it. Do not. Do not. Do not. Seriously. Don't.

Have you ever been tempted to crawl into the crib with your baby?


Image via Nunzio Raso/YouTube

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MammaSam MammaSam

I crawled in my kids crib once in a while. I'm a short person and apparently clingy. Lol. It didn't hurt anything, but I also didn't make a habit of it.

ashbe... ashbert13

That man is not trying to co-sleep.  He got exasperated with the crying, jumped in the crib, and then, realizing his mistake, tried to get out and couldn't without the baby screaming.  I felt sorry for him!  I think every parent reaches this level at one point or another.

wilfonrm wilfonrm

I think it is just too cute how no matter how he moves her, his daughter just does not want to let him go. Such a cute daddy's girl :)

nonmember avatar Madeline

I did this twice when I was a live-in nanny. I shared a wall with the baby and her parents were at the way other end of the second floor. Both times were during bad thunderstorms that terrified her. I was horrified that if I brought her into my bed she would roll off. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. BTW I had baby duty at night because both parents worked and needed sleep.

nonmember avatar Stevie

I don't think there is a problem with it, I mean yeah the crib might fall apart, but my sons bed is one of those convertible crib(you know toddler bed, crib, and double bed) and sometimes he can't sleep and I climb into his toddler bed with him, it's not every night and it doesnt seem like this dad has ever done this before, so no problem as long as its not an everynight thing.

nonmember avatar Kristie

That is crazy!! However, to each his own! lol I just hope that Dad is super safe and doesn't roll over on baby :(

Jamie Leigh Patterson

I can't stand this website. I'm always seeing various people posting these articles on my facebook feed and it's just so judgmental and negative. It seems like a site meant to scare parents. I am either seeing an article about how some baby died in a bizarre way so "don't do this!" or how stupid such and such parent is. So annoying. Just leave people alone and stop telling people how to raise their kids. geez.

nonmember avatar Jai

This video is so adorable and hilarious. It shows how comforted the girl is by her dad. Sweet Dad is just trying to figure out how to get his daughter to sleep. It's probably the middle of the night and he's half asleep himself. Priceless!

Jennifer Simons

My daughter was throwing a fit one night about going to bed, standing next to her crib screaming and yelling. My husband said "Fine then Daddy gets to sleep in your bed!" and to my suprise my giant of a husband hopped into the crib and pretended to settle down to sleep, prompting my daughter to reclaim her bed as her own, kick Daddy out and go to sleep :)

Kathy Porter Schooley

In an attempt to get my daughter comfortable in her own bed, I did this, for over a week.  She did start sleeping in the crib on her own for a little while but is back to the rocker or her car-seat for sleeping.  I tried many things before getting to this point and even sleeping in the crib was better than the non-sleep I was getting before hand.  Thankfully she is sleeping again, even if it is in the rocker next to the crib after almost a year of trying to figure out what will work for my daughter I was happy to crawl in the crib if that is what she needed.  I'm not a big person and my daughter and I fit rather nicely in the crib.  I was not worried about dropping her from the glider when she was safe in the crib.

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