17 Wacky First Words Out of Babies' Mouths

babyIf there's one thing new parents really get competitive about, it's baby's first word. Mom wants the little person she carried for all those months to say "Mama" first. Dad, of course, is working every angle to get kiddo to say "Dada."

I've seen parents sit their baby down and spend a half hour (or more!) trying to coax their name out of the poor kid. I hate to break it to the parents who do that, but you're just making yourself crazy. Your baby is going to drop that first big word -- usually sometime after their first birthday -- and what they say is going to be totally up to them.

Heck, a quick poll of parents showed kids come up with some pretty goofy stuff. So don't fret if your kid said your partner's name first. You could have gotten one of these:


1. My son's first word, or rather words, were "Ready, set, GO!" Whenever he said that, we were in a panic to see what he was throwing or jumping off of!

2. All my kids said "Land Rover" as their first words. Their pronunciation sucked, but that's what they said.

3. My brother's first word was "turtle."

4. Quack, quack.

5. My husband trained our son to say "light" since that was his first word!

6. Banana.

7. My son's first word was duckie.

8. My son's first was go (and he hasn't stopped yet) ...

9. My daughter's first word was shoe.

10. Ball. When both parents are physical ed. teachers, that's what you get.

11. My son's was gecko (while we were in Florida).

12. My daughter first said Newnen (after our cat named Newman).

13. My younger sister didn't utter a first word. She uttered a first sentence. Her first words were "what dat?"

14. My daughter's was "pocketbook" -- I kid you not! And she is the least girly girl you will find.

15. Mine was squirrel, who knows why!

16. My son's was "nasty." Only word he's ever said, but he said it twice!

17. My son's first word was "Noooooo." Not "No" but "Nooooooo!"

Did you manage to get your baby to say your name first or did they come up with something outlandish too?


Image via peasap/Flickr

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