Facebook Takes Down Breastfeeding Photos From a Page Meant for Breastfeeding Moms!

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breastfeedingIf you think the sight of a woman nursing her child is obscene, then you are not supporting the act of breastfeeding. It's really that simple. This goes for when a mom is nursing in public or when posting a photo of her feeding her child on Facebook. And even though Facebook claims they respect a woman's right to post photos of a child breastfeeding, they once again went back on their word and not only deleted breastfeeding images from a page devoted to supporting breastfeeding mothers, but blocked the page's owner from accessing her page for 24 hours.

Kristy Kemp's Breastfeeding/Mama Talk is a community page that answers questions and gives support to breastfeeding moms. Members help other members with questions and concerns. It's exactly the kind of support that many mothers need. When Kemp posted a new photo of a mom breastfeeding (among the many, many others), that photo was removed and she was locked out of her page. But now Facebook is saying "sorry."

The social networking site first said the image violates their policy, which is:

Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicit sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.

Oh dear Facebook. I want to poke you ... and not in the friendly kind of way. How is this happening over and over again? Who is at the helm of this photo removing? Clearly they aren't doing their job properly because there is nothing remotely obscene about a child eating. They know that, but somehow these photos are considered pornographic and taken down. It happened recently when Gina Crosley-Corcoran (aka The Feminist Breeder) posted a completely non-obscene photo of her daughter taking a break from breastfeeding to nibble on a piece of bacon. And even when Kemp's access was reinstated and she put up another breastfeeding photo, that too was removed.

Facebook has a history of deleting breastfeeding photos and they keep apologizing for it. Like they did to Kemp. They have since allowed the images in question and of course apologized. Remember, this wasn't a personal page -- it was a community page devoted to support breastfeeding mothers. They should have realized. Support. That's all we're asking for -- and that includes acceptance. By Facebook and everyone else. 

What do you think of Facebook removing (and then reinstating) yet another breastfeeding photo?


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nonmember avatar MoniqueLise

Facebook just frustrates me no end in this matter. I agree wholeheartedly with your post - if you support breastfeeding, you don't keep taking down breastfeeding pictures, especially while you leave up a variety of other photos which are genuinely sexually charged (while the breastfeeding photos are not). When I see photos of young women in bikinis that are more like a pasty and g-string, and yet breastfeeding photos are removed, you know that Facebook is simply anti-woman.

Coles... Coles_mom

I don't think it's as simple as a Facebook employer is monitoring every picture that gets uploaded, gets offended and deletes the pic. People are literally having to "report" the picture and after its been reported a few times, then Facebook jumps in, suspends everything until it can be reviewed and once it's deemed okay, put back up. This is actually a good thing- it does help keep children safe from pornogrqphic images being uploaded. It sounds like fb reviewed and (even went as far as) apologized. Safe systems in place. Get pissed about the jerks reporting the picture, not the electronic safeguards that actually worked. I'm typing this while breast feeding my 8 month old, btw.

Coles... Coles_mom

*employer...not employer.

mytra... mytrailsend

Sorry, I dont need to see it, sex is natural as is using the bathroom, ok for me to post that??...didnt think so..

Forev... ForeverInLove

Facebook pisses me off a ton. They've deleted nursing photos of mothers where you can't see anything, yet, I've reported photos of a nude woman holding cupcakes away from her, and in the right line of sight that you couldn't see her nipples. Facebook said that it did not violate TOS. How not? The woman was NUDE, and simply covering her nipples with cupcakes. A baby, who is eating from their mother, their natural source of food, nourishment, and comfort, is deleted because, somehow, it's against TOS.... I love seeing nursing photos. They are beautiful.
And, please! Unless you eat in the damn bathroom, or have a meal while having sex, quit equaling it to a baby nursing! It's NOT the same, and will NEVER be the same! Sex is procreating! Using the bathroom is eliminating unwanted matter from your body! Nursing is FOOD! Until you eat a shit taco, shut up!

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Trailsend - Breastfeeding isn't like public sex or public crapping, it's like public EATING. I don't particularly like it either, but that's why my eyes come with lids.

mytra... mytrailsend

Agree, but sometimes Im not prepared to open up a facebook page with my eyelids closed or else whats the point, I am all for breastfeeding....I am all for bottle feeding just do not need a visual confirmation, also I dont like seeing kids throw-up or feces on fb either, my opinion, I am not saying I am 100% correct to anyone but myself

nonmember avatar Dad

Facebook provides a free service. Follow their guidelines and terms of service or GTFO off of Facebook. It really is that simple. What I understand is this: it's not an issue because of Facebook just got an itch and decided to randomly start pulling pictures; it's an issue because people don't follow the rules regarding what is acceptable content for posting. Follow the rules > no one can report your questionable content > Facebook won't pull them down. I do not understand what is so hard to comprehend. I would ask for enlightenment from the peanut gallery, but something tells me I won't have to...

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Not sure why people want to see pictures of nursing children anyway. I am pro breast feeding, but I fail to see the point of whining when photos that violate TOS get deleted.

Zenia6 Zenia6

When you can go on FB and see pictures of women wearing bikinis or other variations of not fully dressed  but you can't post a mother and child, something is wrong. People really need to get over their own petty bias against a perfectly natural occurrence. BF has NOTHING to do with sex and if no nipple is showing the photo not in violation.

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