11 Benefits of Co-Sleeping


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Before I was a mom, when I thought about co-sleeping I thought it sounded like the worst thing ever. When my twins were born I realized how amazing it was. Everyone in the family bed! It was cozy and sweet and we all slept better. My daughter is still co-sleeping after more than 3 years. I co-slept with my mother well into my pre-teen years (my father worked nights). I feel that the benefits far outweigh the issues of how acrobatic in nature some kids can be in their sleep. (A kick to the mouth at 3 a.m. isn't that bad.)

Just like anything else, there are safe ways to co-sleep and unsafe ways. And it sure isn't for everyone, but for those who are interested, here are 11 ways co-sleeping is beneficial.

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1. You never have to get up out of your cozy bed to see what's wrong if baby cries. She's right there. No stumbling in the dark. No tripping over the pull toy.

2. You may actually prevent baby from crying when co-sleeping because you are so in tune with your child next to you, you can soothe before it gets to that stage.

3. The often-contentious cry it out method won't be a topic of concern or conversation.

4. It makes breastfeeding easier with the night feedings. Baby will just nuzzle in when it's time to eat, making going back to sleep after that much easier.

5. The bond.

6. No extra bed to fix or sheets to clean. That makes it more eco-friendly!

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7. Co-sleeping gives kids more independence. Kids who co-sleep tend to not feel alone or have bedtime anxiety. No separation anxiety.

8. It increases a child's self-esteem and therefore makes them less susceptible to peer pressure. It doesn't make them more clingy.

9. You'll wake up to the sweetest face. Or faces if you have more than one.

10. It's sweet to cozy up with your baby ... even when your baby grows into a toddler. Before we know it our kids will be grown and moving out of the nest. We have to cherish every moment we can.

11. Parents who co-sleep get more creative when it comes to being romantic with each other. Most couples who co-sleep know they don't have to be in a bed to have sex. Your sex life won't be doomed.

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