'Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents' -- Just Listen, No Explanation Needed (VIDEO)


Ode to Sleep Deprived ParentsEver wonder what the theme song of parenthood would be? I don't mean the NBC show (which borrowed Bob Dylan's Forever Young). I mean the exhausting, stinky, maddening reality of parenthood. What would the song behind that drama be like? Now we know!

A father of a 1-year-old has written an Ode to Sleep-Deprived Parents, and none other than the Sydney Symphony has recorded the ditty. Sung to the tune of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (trust me, you'll recognize it when you hear it), this is what we've all been waiting for. Finally! Someone who gets it!!

Listen up:


Yup, Matthew Hodge gets it. Right down to the naughty little thought in the back of our minds about what kind of hell our grandkids will likely put our kids through one day.

Since I heard it, I've been pondering just why it resonated so much with me. Just the other day I noted that parenting isn't as hard as we all make it out to be -- at least not mentally.

But it is physically demanding and frustrating. And Hodge -- and the staccato presentation from the symphony -- nailed it in this ode to all of us out here in the trenches. As much as it is hilarious commentary on life with young children, it's also a pat on the back that says "Hey, you're frustrated, but you're not doing it wrong; that's just parenting!"

Is this song YOUR experience with parenthood?


Image via Syndey Symphony


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dekumama dekumama

Omfg that is hilarious. 

Jennifer Eades

That's every waking moment with my 18 month old daughter. :)

Ty Tripp

This was insanly hilarious!!!! I laughed so hard I woke up my 1 mo old. I felt this song was made for what I go through with my two year old son.

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