Baby Born on Dad's Birthday ... and Grandpa's Too!

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Delperdang familyOh my cuteness! A little boy named Sanders Delperdang was born on Tuesday, April 2. That's exactly 29 years after his dad was born. Oh, and 62 years after his grandpa was born. Yup, all three generations of men in the Delperdang family were all born on the same day!

Now I don't have to tell you that the odds of that are pretty slim. Sharing a birthday with just one family member is rare. Sharing it with two? Practically unheard of.

The Delperdangs are -- not surprisingly -- over the moon. But here's betting this is extra special for one of them in particular.

Darrel Delperdang, aka Grandpa, gets to share his big day with his son, Chase, and now his grandson.

Granted, Gramps was probably going to love the little bundle anyway, but there's something extra special about a grandchild born on your birthday. You don't just share genes; you share something you can talk about, joke about, even when the kid hits those awkward teen years when they can be hard to relate to.

How do I know? My eldest cousin was born on my grandfather's birthday, and the relationship they had was one the rest of us cousins couldn't touch. I say that without a hint of jealousy; I till loved my grandfather. If anything, the repartee between my cousin A. and Grandpa was touching to watch. And hilarious too -- nobody could make him belly laugh like her.

I know it was something my grandmother would have loved to share with one of her grandkids. When I was due just a few days after her birthday, she was pulling for me to give birth early. As she told me (more than a few times), it was her turn! (Turns out my kid didn't agree; not only did she not arrive on Grandma's birthday, but she was eight days late). Grandma had to settle for sharing an astrological sign instead.

But the Delperdangs will have one heck of an April for years go to come. What a great way to start the little guy's life.

Does your baby share anything super special with their grandparents?


Image via Chase Delperdang

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tbruc... tbrucemom

My daughter was born on my birthday, she's the best present I ever got!  Maybe she'll have a daughter born on the same day too!

linzemae linzemae

How awesome. My daughter was just born on my brothe. 30th birthday

RiotP... RiotPixie

My youngest daughter was born 1 week before my late-mother's birthday. She is named after my mom. And is just as stubborn and strong-willed as mom was, too.

Jamie Perkins Freedman

So cool! My brother was born on our grandfather's b-day. Our youngest son shares a b-day with my husband's grandmother. So special when that happens...

nonmember avatar PixieMama

My husband's cousin shared a birthday with their grandfather. And to top it off, both grandpa and cousin were both Leap Year babies, born on Feb. 29th!

Elizabeth DiGiovanna

And all three of them share a birthday with ME!!  That makes it extra EXTRA special!  lol. j/k.

nonmember avatar dana

My husband's birthday is April 2nd. Perhaps one day, as my son was already August. I want and April baby though.

thatg... thatgirl70

Ha sweet, my husband's birthday is also April 2nd.

Cindy Brown-Allen

None of my 3 Grandbabies share a birthday with anyone, but they all share the same DAY. My first was born 4-24, my next 2-24, and recently my daughter in Law was due March 18th. I keep saying wait till the 24th. Lol. But He Did! So I have Feb. March and April, all on the 24th :)

Kerri Rocco Graff

That's so cool my mother and father were born on the same day may 3, 1952  a few hours apart and my grandmothers sharred a hospital room and they  grew up two streets away from each other 

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